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Sequel to the best 2D Dark Souls finally hits Steam

Ska Studios reveals that its genre-defining 2D soulslike sequel Salt and Sacrifice is finally coming to Steam following its exclusive period on Epic's PC store.

Salt and Sacrifice Steam release: Two hooded figures shake hands, one wearing purple robes and the other red

Salt and Sacrifice is indie developer Ska Studios’ recent sequel to its iconic 2D soulslike Salt and Sanctuary. The series’ first entry was a huge hit among Dark Souls fans, receiving very positive reviews overall and a near-perfect 9/10 on Steam. When the developer first released Salt and Sacrifice, it launched as an Epic Games Store exclusive. The ambitious sequel is not making its way to Valve’s platform just a little over a year following its initial release.

Ska Studios, an indie team made up of just two developers, just revealed that Salt and Sacrifice is dropping on Steam. The platform game has been available to PC players using the Epic Games Store since May 2022, alongside its PlayStation 4 and 5 release, while Salt and Sanctuary on the other hand has received regular updates on Epic and Valve’s platform since first coming to PC.

If you’re interested in wishlisting the game, you can do so on the official Salt and Sacrifice page via Steam. The upcoming release date falls is sooner than you may think, falling on Tuesday, November 7. Ska Studios’ sequel costs $19.99 / £12.99. Players who haven’t yet explored the game’s predecessor can also try it on Steam for just $17.99 / £13.59.

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The Salt duo of games is widely considered a must-have experience for any Castlevania or Dark Souls fans as an indie homage to both. With a solid Metacritic score, the original game defined what a 2D fan spin-off of a soulslike game could look and play like. The sequel feels similar, but it features online multiplayer reminiscent of FromSoftware’s own as well as faction mechanics.

As someone who doesn’t generally play Soulsborne games myself, I can genuinely appreciate how beautiful the Salt games feel. The games give me major old-school Castlevania vibes, and I absolutely adore Konami’s vampire game series. Symphony of the Night stans rise up, Ska Studios’ indie duo will instantly speak to your nostalgia.

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