Save $250 on the best 1440p gaming monitor for Amazon Prime Day

You’ve got until midnight tonight to claim our pick for the best 1440p gaming monitor, the Samsung Odyssey G7, at a hefty Amazon Prime Day discount.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Amazon Prime Day deal: a black monitor appears in front of an orange background.

We’ve currently drowning in deals, courtesy of Amazon Prime Day. If you’re not sure what to spend your hard-earned cash on, don’t worry. We’ve picked out an absolute doozy for you: our pick for the best gaming monitor in 1440p is massively discounted on the e-commerce site. The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a fantastic bit of kit if you’re looking to upgrade your monitor, so make sure you check it out.

You can grab this beast of a display for $449.99 at Amazon (while stocks last), $250 off its MSRP. Considering its solid performance across the board, you’ll struggle to find a monitor more worthy of your money at this price.

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Let’s get into what the Samsung Odyssey G7 brings to the table (or desk). The main draw is its beastly 240Hz refresh rate, but the G7 also comes equipped with a VA panel with deeper black levels and a higher level of contrast than many TN and IPS models.

If you’re planning on picking yourself up this monstrous monitor, we suggest opting for the 27-inch model. While the 32-inch version is fine, it’s not quite as sharp as its slightly smaller sibling. Or maybe you’re looking for something different. If so, why not check out our piece on the best Amazon Prime Day PC gaming deals?

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you’ll be able to seal all the hottest deals and have them delivered the next day. New subscribers can also claim your 30-day free trial, so you can treat yourself to a brand new monitor without paying for postage.