Let Satellite Reign’s launch trailer fill your eyes with neon

Satellite Reign launch trailer

Satellite Reign, 5 Lives’ neon-soaked cyberpunk playground, launches in a mere 10 days. If you’ve not played the Early Access version, you can get a taste of the corporate-run future in this here launch trailer, below. Like my parties, it starts off slow, but ends in explosions and robots. 

I’m very much looking forward to Satellite Reign’s launch — which lamentably occurs while I’m on a boat off the coast of Croatia — after mucking around with the sandboxy world in Early Access. Even early on, it felt a lot like playing Syndicate and Syndicate Wars, but with the benefits of the modern UI and a lot more neon.

“It’s Syndicate,” I wrote, over half a year ago. “Not the actual Syndicate, mind, but the one that exists in the memories of those who played it over 20 years ago. And that’s a real treat.”

Satellite Reign launches on August 28th, and here’s my Satellite Reign Early Access review.