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The Satisfactory Ficsmas update is here with free gifts galore

The Satisfactory Ficsmas update is a holiday celebration for the factory simulation base building game, with free gifts through December.

Satisfactory Ficsmas 2023 event - A person in a space suit and helmet wears a large Santa hat on their head and holds a steaming drinks mug.

Satisfactory Ficsmas has begun. The temperature is plummeting, the first flakes of snow have fallen past my window, Mariah Carey has unleashed her power on shopping centers across the globe, and a big seasonal event is now underway in one of Steam’s best open-world base building games. It’s truly the holiday season, and the maker of Goat Simulator and publisher of Valheim and Deep Rock Galactic has returned to its magnum opus once more to spread festive cheer and free gifts across the land.

First launched in March 2019 via the Epic Games store and arriving on Steam in June 2020, Satisfactory remains one of the most delightful base building games on PC, bringing together first-person open-world exploration and that eponymous, undeniable satisfaction of creating the perfect factory production lines seen also in games such as Factorio, Astroneer, Dyson Sphere Program, and the Feed the Beast Minecraft mods.

To celebrate the December holidays, developer Coffee Stain announces the start of the Satisfactory Ficsmas event. Your employer, FICSIT Inc., is looking to ensure employee satisfaction by showering you with free gifts throughout the whole month. There are daily rewards, plenty of in-game presents to find, and even a seasonal research tree.

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You’ll be able to access the Ficsmas Calendar to the right of your HUB Terminal in-game for daily gifts each day in December, while interacting with it will begin a mini puzzle game with a chance to earn extra rewards. There’s a new ‘Ficsmas Holiday Event’ research tree that can be unlocked through the MAM during the event. It’ll only take tier three tech, and you can progress it using rewards you’ll get through the Ficsmas Calendar.

Finally, and perhaps most excitingly, giant Ficsmas presents will be seen floating down from the sky, where they can land anywhere on the map (and yes, that includes precarious spots like treetops and cliff peaks). Track them down and open them for all manner of seasonal gifts, including seasonal decorations and ornaments, festive skins, snow, snowballs, candy canes, and FICSIT Coupons.

The Satisfactory Ficsmas event runs from Friday, December 1 through Sunday, December 31, 2023. If you’re ready to get into the holiday spirit, you can find Satisfactory via Steam or the Epic Games Store.

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