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The 12 best Satisfactory mods April 2024

Here are the top Satisfactory mods available right now to download, from those that tweak the game's mechanics to some that add new stuff.

Best Satisfactory mods: a player looks over the edge of a platform at the base below.

What are the best Satisfactory mods? Whether it’s ones to help you space out the area around you for builds or new stuff to make multiplayer more fun, the Satisfactory modding community has been hard at work. Over this time, loads of mods have been created to add new blueprints, change the player model, and so much more.

And after nearly five years since its debut, Satisfactory will finally leave early access. It’s already one of the best indie games around, with tons of updates already giving would-be builders plenty to work with. However, things can always be improved upon, so here are the best Satisfactory mods and where to find them.

The 12 best Satisfactory mods in 2024 are:

The Productio menu in Satisfactory, with Everything Unlocked, thanks to one of the best Satisfactory mods.

Everything Unlocked, Map Untouched

With any crafting, survival, building game like Satisfactory, one problem we all have from time to time is not liking what we’ve started. You have to make progress to unlock things, but by the time you’ve unlocked what you want, you might be unhappy with everything else you’ve already done. If this sounds like you, and you wish you could start over to build your dream factory, then the Everything Unlocked Map Untouched mod might be what you’ve been looking for. It’s like starting a new game, but with everything available from the word go.

Sure, it might be a little like cheating, but we figure there’s no harm in it if you’ve already done the hard work once. Well, even if you haven’t.

Best Satisfactory mods: a base made using the Satisfactory Plus mod, complete with solar panels and more.

Satisfactory Plus

Are you bored of the same old sandbox game every time you begin a new world? Satisfactory Plus is an overhaul mod that replaces nearly all recipes and costs for buildings, meaning you have to relearn the game from scratch.

Satisfactory Plus comes with new production lines to help make custom buildings, uses Refined Power instead of vanilla power generation, and a whole bunch of alternative research trees. If you get stuck, don’t worry. The mod also includes its own in-game Wiki, accessible by pressing the L button, which should help you get to grips with the updated mechanics.

A teleporter waiting to be used to transport a player, is one of the best Satisfactory mods.


If there’s one mod that feels absolutely mandatory in Satisfactory, it’s the Teleporter. Unlockable at tier 5, you can construct teleporter pods to warp instantly between two locations. It comes with the option to customize your teleportation location names for easy travel and supports multiplayer. If your base is getting larger than you initially expected, or you find a rare resource in the wilderness, this mod helps bridge the gaps.

The SkyUI mod set to midday. It's one of the best Satisfactory mods.

SkyUI: Temporal Perception Configurator

We’re just going to call this SkyUI for now, but it’s essentially a mod that grants the player control over time and the weather. If you want to marvel at your base but don’t want to wait until the perfect morning sun, you should download this mod.

SkyUI also comes with tools to customize how long days are, even down to just how long day and night cycles take. It’s a nifty app with a cute interface. More features will be coming in future updates, and we’re excited to see what else this will offer.

One of the devices you can build with Fluid Extras, one of the best Satisfactory mods.

Fluid Extras

Routing pipes to transport liquid resources is a crucial concept in games like Satisfactory. The Fluid Extras mod gives you several new junction packs in three distinct bundles that allow you to tinker with the direction of your pipes through more intricate angles. It also comes with a Mini Water Extractor and the A.I. Fluid Packer, which simplifies the packaging workflow.

Best Satisfactory mods: The TFIT mod showing a tooltip as the player hovers their reticule over a manufacturer.


We’re not going to spell out the acronym, but you can probably hazard a guess as to what it is when we tell you what it does. TFIT puts an overlay whenever you hover your cursor on an item in your inventory or while looking at stuff in the world and tells you relevant details relating to what that item does.

For example, holding your cursor over an ore deposit will tell you how much you can extract from it. It’s not just materials, either, as things you make also have highly relevant stats and details. An Explorer buggy will come with more information about its maximum speed, whether it has fuel or not, and whether autopilot is activated. It’s a handy mod to have around if you want information at a glance.

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Appearing after you unlock the regular map in-game, the MiniMap mod allows you to have a smaller version of the map open at all times, with the ability to click and drag it to the perfect place for your viewing pleasure. You can also zoom in and out of it, set the map scale, and even have the option to automatically rotate it as you turn around, acting as a rudimentary compass of sorts.

Best Satisfactory mods: an elevator from the Linear Motion mod.

Linear Motion

The one thing that Satisfactory really needs is a quick way for you to go up and down. This is where the Linear Motion mod shines, as it provides multiple types of elevation: ones to transport people, ones that lift factory parts, some that go across a catwalk, or even a funicular elevator. Heck, it even comes with elevator music. It apparently works with paths, too, though the developer warns that it takes some practice to get that to work.

A Dyson Sphere made with Refined Power, one of the best Satisfactory mods.

Refined Power

Refined Power adds over 30 custom buildings designed to give you control over how you want to deliver energy to your machines. It comes with various wind turbines, a water turbine, various heaters and boilers, solar panels, and even a Dyson Sphere. No matter if energy output or sustainable energy are your goals, Refined Power has you covered.

Best Satisfactory mods: a series of tubes under a panel hiding it away in the Floor Ceiling Logistics mod.

Floor Hole Ceiling Logistics

Sometimes, you want your factory to be an appealing space that doesn’t have pipes sticking out of it like it’s on life support. For this, you can use the Floor Hole Ceiling Logistics mod to hide away those unsightly tubes. Other times, though, you want the pipes to be visible, but maybe in a more decorative way, and this mod also helps with that, making it easier than ever to connect your devices together.

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Circuitry – Logic Gates and More

The Circuitry mod has so many functions that listing them here is almost impossible. The video above does a great job of explaining some of the possibilities, like having panels show how much battery charge you have left or panels requiring a numerical passcode to open a door. You can even have some fun with it by creating pixel art to decorate your base.

One of the new farming buildings in the Fiscit Farming Satisfactory mods.

Ficsit Farming

From the makers of the Refined Power mod, Ficsit Farming completely overhauls any agriculture-based mechanics with a total of 14 new buildings to give you room to grow plants in specially designed greenhouses. There are also some processing facilities to generate resources from your crops. It’s still early days with this one, but the buildings look wonderfully futuristic, and it’s encouraging the growth of new plantlife. We look forward to seeing how this mod develops.

How to install Satisfactory mods

As the Ficsit App is the go-to place to find many of the Satisfactory mods, you’ll need to install the Satisfactory Mod Manager, which you can find at the top right of any of the Satisfactory mod links listed in this guide. After you install it, you can open the Mod Manager.

You can use the Search function to find the mod you’re looking for and activate it by turning the slider next to it green. You can also check out the latest details on the mod by clicking the window panel icon next to the star for that mod.

Finally, under the Select Profile section, make sure you click “modded”. This will allow you to click Launch Game from the big green button at the bottom of the app’s screen.

And those are all the best Satisfactory mods out there. If you enjoy making engines and creating stuff from raw materials, our list of the best building games has the starting blocks you need to make your next masterpiece. We also recommend checking out our upcoming PC games list to see what’s to come in the near future.