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Epic exclusive Satisfactory has sold 500,000 copies in under three months

Satisfactory sales have been, er, more than satisfactory

Satisfactory is taking off with its community and has sold over half a million units in the three months since it launched in early access. That’s an impressive bit of success for an indie building game, but there’s one other notable detail for PC enthusiasts: it did that as an Epic Games store exclusive.

Jace Varlet confirms the number – 507,374 – in a new developer update video. He calls it the “best launch ever” for Coffee Stain Studios, though that’s likely in terms of dollar revenue rather than unit sales. The studio’s Goat Simulator sold about a million copies in its first four months of release, but it launched at a much cheaper price.

“It was a little scary in the beginning, embarking on this journey,” Varlet says. “We all knew that Satisfactory could be a good game, the prototype was really fun and addictive. But it was and it still is a really, really difficult game to make. So no matter how confident we could be upon release, we could never know what the reception would be like. And it’s a factory game, which is a niche genre, right?”

Clearly, that genre hasn’t hamstrung the game’s success, and it looks like Epic exclusivity hasn’t done much to hurt the game either.

We’ve heard very few hard numbers on sales for Epic exclusives. We were able to infer that World War Z had sold more than 600,000 units on the platform a few weeks after launch (a spokesperson got in touch to tell us the number is up to 600,000), and THQ Nordic CEO Lars Wingefors tells us that Metro Exodus sold better on Epic than it did on either digital console store.

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Satisfactory’s first new update launched last month, bringing new items like conveyor lifts, a radio tower, and an in-game map. With the game’s early success, it seems there’ll be plenty more updates in store as it moves through early access.