Satisfactory gets massive new update, and an even bigger Steam sale

Coffee Stain Studios recently released its highly anticipated update 8 for Satisfactory, just in time for the game's 45% off Steam sale.

Satisfactory update: A man wearing a yellow space-like suit gives a thumbs up, a red-tinged forest behind him

Satisfactory is absolutely rocking its early access period so far. Coffee Stain Studios’ overwhelmingly positive base builder boasts thousands of stellar Steam reviews, a perfect 10/10, and an ever-expanding fanbase. A new update recently dropped and added all sorts of content, from fresh gameplay features to enhanced performance settings. Update 8 is set to get even better as the developer optimizes it, and Satisfactory is also now on sale for almost half off making this the perfect time to hop in-game if you haven’t.

The recent Satisfactory update contains more than a solid year’s work, according to Coffee Stain Studios. The building game‘s patch marks the developer’s upgrade to Unreal Engine 5, which means better graphics, lighting, physics, sounds, and other performance-related overhauls. It also sees the game’s addition of a highly requested blueprint dismantle mode, destructible gas pillars, various jetpack fuels, and other long-awaited quality-of-life features.

Satisfactory players have been exploring update 8 for a little while now after it dropped on the early access branch, giving the dev ample time to address any feedback. Gameplay features are largely appreciated, but some fans have struggled with the Unreal Engine 5 upgrade. As initial community responses varied with some players reporting performance drops, Coffee Stain Studios posted a refreshingly transparent video that discusses the known problems as well as upcoming fixes.

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It’s exciting to see such a responsive developer, and fans largely agree. Many of the comments on the dev’s recent video regarding the update’s concerns indicate that the new content itself deserves a “10/10” despite any issues. Other players praise the fast, detailed response from Coffee Stain Studios, saying that “this kind of communication is awesome.”

The game is currently one of the top 50 most-played games on the Steam charts, which speaks to both its dedicated community and developer. If the new update’s changes and discussed future patches seal the deal for you, you can grab Satisfactory for a whopping 45% off at just $16.49 / £15.39 right now on Steam. This discount will last through to Tuesday, November 28.

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