The Scuf Envision controller is coming for your mouse and keyboard

Promising an unparalleled level of control, the latest Scuf PC controller and its 11 remappable buttons are coming to make some noise.

SCUF Envision PC Controller

The next generation of PC gaming controllers, the Scuf Envision and Envision Pro, have arrived. In a market where everyone thinks they can release a customizable controller and state they did something special, Scuf is trying to back its claims up in a big way, stating that the Envision will offer an “unparalleled level of control”.

Scuf is known for producing some of the best PC controllers ever, even being used by professional esports players for Call of Duty. However, what endeared them to the general public was the insane levels of customization a Scuf controller offered.

Looking towards the next generation of controllers, the Scuf Envision and Envision Pro are making some big promises but Scuf has a track record of delivering results, something not every brand can attest to.

Scuf has opted for four fixed paddles on the rear and two side action buttons for access to a range of in-game actions without having to sacrifice your positioning on the symmetrical thumbsticks. Mechanical ABXY and D-pad buttons offer a more responsive input compared to standard Xbox Series controllers meaning you can never blame a botched clutch on your controller ever again.

Other features include adjustable instant triggers and five programmable G-keys for easy access to any of your PC’s shortcuts. As with any premium controller, there are RGB hotspots that can be changed using iCue, Corsair’s peripheral management software.

Scuf is no pushover, and it knows that mouse and keyboard gameplay is how most players approach FPS games. Instead, with the Envision range, Scuf is asking the question of whether controller gameplay can match the performance of the dual peripheral alternative.

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The Scuf Envision costs $129.99 while the Envision Pro comes in at $179.99 and both are available right now via the Scuf website.

Once you’ve secured a suitable PC controller, next on your list of upgrades should be one of the best gaming SSDs, because no one wants to run their games from mechanical drives in 2023.