How to solve the Sea of Stars Flooded Graveyard rune puzzle

A chest found early in your adventure might have you banging your head against the bars it's locked behind – this guide shows how to open it.

How do you solve the Sea of Stars rune puzzle in the Flooded Graveyard? As you’re searching for a soul stone to free your friend from the Dweller of Woe, you’ll come upon a chest locked behind a set of bars with three colored runes above it. This area is located just to the west of the entrance to the Necromancer’s Lair, and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll spend way too much time trying to figure out how to get at it – and the coffin locked in the southwest of the Flooded Graveyard’s entrance.

Do you also want to know where to find all the Sea of Stars Rainbow Conches? We have a comprehensive list with descriptors of where exactly to find each and what they unlock in Sea of Stars. Furthermore, our overview of all the Sea of Stars relics will let you know how you can alter the combat and more to suit your preferences. With that out of the way, read on to find out how to open this troublesome chest – and we’ve kept it spoiler free for you.

sea of stars flooded graveyard hidden entrance puzzle

How to open the Sea of Stars Flooded Graveyard chest

You cannot open this chest until much, much later in the game. In fact, you’ll require the ability to fly to otherwise inaccessible islands, which you don’t receive until just before the final battle. However, even with flight, it’s quite a difficult puzzle to solve that requires several hoops to jump through.

First of all, you must fly to the island just to the northeast of Wraith Island on the world map. Here, you’ll find a series of spinners each denoted by a colored rune – however, these runes are of a different color than the ones found in the room with the chest. You must use the Mistral Bracelet on the spinner in the middle to change the color of each rune to the following: red, green, and purple. Then, you must spin each individual rune to match the ones found in the Flooded Graveyard.

sea of stars locked chest in the flooded graveyard

This will open a path that leads back to the room with the chest and raises the bars blocking it. Within, you’ll receive a journal that you can hand over to Duke Aventry, who waits just outside the entrance. He’ll reward you with the Yellow Flame that you can then hand over to the Ferryman at the entrance of the Flooded Graveyard to take you to a new area – the Half-Sunken Tower.

Navigate the Half-Sunken Tower area to trigger a rematch against an early game boss. All this concludes with the freeing of Duke Aventry, which gives you access to the coffin found in the southwest of the Flooded Graveyard. Within, you’ll find the best armor in the game for Valere and Zale.

That’s all you need to know to get that troublesome chest. For more on Sea of Stars, check out what we thought of this retro-inspired RPG in our Sea of Stars review. And if you’re looking for something else to play after taking down all the Dwellers and the Fleshmancer, our best RPG games guide has you covered.