The latest Sea of Thieves Adventure kills Merrick – sort of

Merrick is dead, to begin with, in the new Sea of Thieves Adventure, but depending on your actions, it might not be a permanent death

Forsaken Hunter is the next Sea of Thieves adventure, and it runs from June 30 to July 14. Rare announced the follow-up to May’s Golden Sands Adventure in a new trailer for the high seas RPG, where we see Merrick, fresh off the triumph of his bid to rebuild Golden Sands, winds up in the land of the dead. A fellow dead sailor reminds him to step on board the ferry and return to the living before it’s too late, but before Merrick can restore himself, two mysterious figures step out of the mist and stop him. Apparently, Merrick has information they want, and they’re not about to let him leave before they get it.

Rare is still keeping quiet about what you’ll actually be doing during the limited-time adventure. The previous one pit players against each other in a bid to save or destroy Golden Sands by completing tasks for competing factions.

You could see both sides of the story and serve both factions until you decided what outcome you wanted the most, and whatever’s going on with poor Merrick this time, we expect that’ll likely stay the same in the new Sea of Thieves adventure.

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The Golden Sands Adventure also rewarded players with exclusive cosmetics, though Rare hasn’t announced what’s on offer this time.

Shortly after the Forsaken Hunter Adventure ends, Rare is introducing Sea of Thieves Season 7 and the long-awaited Captaincy Update, which lets you fully customize the interior of your ship (at last) and adds new progression rewards as well, so there’s something even if you’ve managed to reach the endgame already.

Sea of Thieves is one of our top picks for the best Game Pass games to play with friends, though it’s not limited to Xbox and Windows. You can even play it on Valve’s Steam Deck, despite it not being listed as fully verified yet.