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Sea of Thieves’ cats were voiced by the devs’ own feline friends

Rare's shared some images of the voice talent behind Sea of Thieves' cats

Sea of Thieves’ Ships of Fortune update has brought a bunch of cool new features and goodies to the pirate game’s world. There’s now a ‘down-but-not-out’ system, an expansion to Outpost Trading Companies, an Arena overhaul – oh, and some furry feline friends. And, it turns out, Sea of Thieves’ cats were voiced by the devs’ own real-life critters.

That’s according to deveoper Rare in a post on Twitter, in which the studio shares some pictures of the Sea of Thieves team’s own pet cats – who are gorgeous (and very talented, obviously). “Forever immortalised in Sea of Thieves,” the tweet reads, “these gorgeous grimalkins, Beans and Heeb, are behind some of the meows and purrs of the fluffy freebooters introduced in our Ships of Fortune update!

“Here they are with the audio team,” it adds, explaining getting their voice talents on board “only cost a few of [Rare composer and music director] Robin Beanland’s best biccies…” As you can see for yourself in the tweet below, it looks like the audio team have had some fun holding audio equipment up to the little critters’ furry faces to capture those all-important sounds for their in-game counterparts.

Get a look a the real-life Sea of Thieves cats for yourself:

Further to this, Rare’s tweeted: “That’s a lie, Beanland doesn’t share his choice confectionery! Beans and Heeb’s studio session was fuelled, as you’d expect, by fishy treats and snoot boops. Hopefully none of the snacks are lurking behind the sofa while we’re all [working] from home”.

The Sea of Thieves Ships of Fortune update is already live, so go get stuck in if you’re keen to see the Rare cats’ excellent voice acting in the game.