Here’s how Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune’s revive system works

Crewmates can save their pals from trips aboard the Ferry of the Damned

If you’re part of a Sea of Thieves crew, you’ll soon get the chance to skip encounters with the Ferryman, the action-adventure game’s spooky captain that greets you when you expire to help you respawn. That’s because, with the upcoming Ships of Fortune update, the pirate game’s going to get a revive system. Phew.

The revive system was previously announced along with the Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune release date, but developer Rare has now explained how it’ll work in more detail in a news clip which you can watch below. The new system offers an alternative to the usual quick trip aboard the Ferry of the Damned pre-respawn, instead allowing you and your pals to halt the approach of doom.

When a member of a crew is downed, players get a 15 second window (25 seconds if you’re in the PvP arena) in which someone not yet pushing up daisies can resurrect their fallen mate. Reviving takes about four seconds to complete, and it does leave you vulnerable to attack – so, maybe think twice before glugging too much grog and starting brawls.

Successful revivals give you a quarter of your health back, and the option for reviving is open to both alliance and crew members. The action isn’t available for solo players, but trips aboard the Ferry of the Damned will now take less time, so you can get stuck back into your seafaring, plundering, and general piratey business quicker than before.

It’s not clear if the revive option will replace the Ferryman entirely for crew mates, but with the Ships of Fortune due to arrive in less than a week, on April 22, it won’t be long before we find out.