Sea of Thieves Season One release time – Rare details downtime

We're finally going to see the future of Sea of Thieves for ourselves

The Sea of Thieves Season One release time is nearly here, as Rare preps a whole new future for its take on pirate games. We’re getting a new battle pass system and a pretty major rework for progression as a whole – but when are you actually going to be able to play with the new systems? (Well, assuming you haven’t been part of the secretive Insider tests.) Here’s when to expect Season One to hit live servers.

Downtime for Sea of Thieves Season One begins on Thursday, January 28, at 2:00 PST / 5:00 EST / 10:00 GMT. Rare doesn’t typically say when servers will be back until they’re already online, but these maintenance periods have typically lasted at least four hours. For a larger-scale update like this, though, that stretch might be longer. (In other words: be patient.)

Sea of Thieves Season One adds a unified progression system to the game, which will add 100 tiers worth of free rewards to earn just by playing the way you normally would.

An additional 11 premium cosmetics will be available on the Plunder Pass. For a proper breakdown of what’s actually on the Sea of Thieves battle pass, you can follow that link.

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