Sea of Thieves: Vaults of the Ancients release date set for next week

The September update for Sea of Thieves hits very soon

The August update for Sea of Thieves might’ve been delayed, but not by much – turns out that the September update is coming very early in the month. The Sea of Thieves: Vaults of the Ancients release date is scheduled for September 9, and Rare has posted a new developer video breaking down what to expect from the update.

The Gold Hoarders will provide the meat of the content this update. They’ll be asking you to collect keys for their treasure-laden vaults, to keep the gold out of anyone else’s hands. You can turn in those keys as requested, or you can go and raid the vaults for yourself, in true pirate fashion.

Besides the normal treasure, you’ll also have a limited amount of time to collect some medallions and complete a puzzle similar in style to the puzzle rooms from the Tall Tales story missions. Succeed, and you’ll get an even better treasure to take back to your ship. Rare describes these vaults as “high intensity” loot grabs, so it should provide a fast-paced way to build up your treasure stocks.

The update will also introduce the option for smaller pop-up banners when you get near an island, so you’ll still be able to see your health and ammo when your ship drifts close to a bit of land. You’ll also be able to turn the banners off entirely.

Every time you log in, you’re going to start finding ‘mysterious notes’ in your inventory. These will point you to recommended content, from current world events to lucrative voyages and new NPCs, so that you can always find something new to do in just a couple of clicks.

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And, yes, there are dogs in this update too.

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