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Seagate’s new Star Wars SSD equips your PC with a lightsaber

You can now dress your gaming PC up like a Jedi using Seagate's Star Wars lightsaber SSD, and interchangeable faceplates mean you can swap to the dark side.

Seagate Star Wars lightsaber SSD: Obi Wan Kenobi standing infront of solid state drive in backdrop

Seagate just unveiled a new Star Wars lightsaber SSD collection with interchangeable faceplates, and they glow like the real thing. While the new lineup targets the nerdy hearts of sci-fi PC gaming fans (like myself), the solid-state FireCuda drive within could probably make the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs.

Traditionally, storage drives are a quiet force within a PC, but some of the best SSD for gaming picks out there are component peacocks. You can even now get M.2 options that are clad with RGB lighting, but most options use the feature to merely illuminate a logo. Thankfully, Seagate understands the assignment when it comes to giving boring parts some flair, and the striking design of its new Starwars lightsaber SSD range is a testament to that fact.

Seagate Star Wars lightsaber SSD with face plates on white backdrop

Dubbed the ‘Lightsaber Collection Special Edition’, the new Seagate FireCude SSD selection uses RGB lighting and faceplates to bring facilitate a “galaxy of atmosphere.” You can cosplay the drive as either Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, or Darth Vadar, as each plate wields a movie-accurate 3D hilt.

Naturally, it’s the RGB lighting underneath that’s more likely to catch your attention, as it provides the Jedi weaponry with a realistic glow. That said, the FireCuda drives within are worth talking about too, as they can reach read speeds up to 7,300MBps, thanks to the power of the dark side PCIe Gen 4 capabilities. Thermal throttling also won’t be an issue, as the SSD is armed with a chonky heatsink that lives underneath the lightsaber artwork.

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As for capacity, two Star Wars lightsaber SSD variants are available, but they’ll cost you a few credits. The 1TB model comes in at $184.99, while you’ll need to cough up $289.99 for the spacious 2TB version. For context, you can pick up a 1TB Seagate FireCuda 530 on Amazon for $119.99 right now, which is perhaps to be expected given the extra sci-fi spice included with the special edition models.

Seagate has already provided us with Solid-state Star Wars shenanigans before, as previously released FireCuda drives pay homage to The Mandalorian. Whether you’re into the subtle design offered by the latter or the menacing glow of the new lightsaber range, we’re pretty chuffed with the company’s nerdy offerings, as it transforms a relatively mundane part into a fandom statement piece.

Looking for a reason to splash out on Seagate’s lightsaber SSD? Star Wars Jedi: Survivor system requirements recommend using a solid-state drive, and you’ll need 155GB to visit a galaxy far far away.