Secretlab Chair Skin review – transmog for your gaming seat

The Secretlab Chair Skin is a great gaming chair accessory with lots of desirable designs, but its fantastic fit comes with a premium price

The Secretlab Chair Skin retail packaging

Our Verdict

If you can stomach its high price, this is easily the best way to give your gaming seat a fresh look while also giving its comfort level a small boost

The Secretlab Chair Skin is the ointment to that gnawing temptation that eats away at many Titan Evo 2022 series owners every time the company announces a cool new design. Now, instead of considering the unwise move of throwing out your perfectly good existing seat for one featuring artwork from your favourite game, you can now transmogrify it with a zip-up cover of the same design that’s mostly a seamless fit.

I’ve been parking my back and buttocks on a Secretlab Chair Skin for the past several days, and both body parts can barely tell the difference with or without the cover. The quality materials used here are what you’d expect from the best gaming chair, but there are still some areas that I believe could be improved.

Pros Cons
  Enhances looks and comfort  Expensive
Easy installation  Not an absolutely perfect fit

The Secretlab Chair Skin back and base sleeves, in their plastic packaging

Unboxing the Secretlab Chair Skin, I’m happy to see that the packaging used to house the accessory is suitably protective. This may seem like an insignificant thing at first, but having a safe place to store these things when they’re not in use is certainly welcome. It would’ve been nice if the bags for each part of the skin were properly resealable and airtight, but the existing plastic is fine enough.

Secretlab includes a set of instructions that are straightforward and easy to follow, complete with diagrams for every step. Both the seat base and back mould to the shape of the Titan Evo 2022 series with little difficulty, but you’ll still want to nip and tuck on the fabric where you can to get the best fit possible.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply skins to any of the Secretlab 2020 series chairs. I did give it a whirl on my older model, and while the back sort of fit, the seat was a no-go. This isn’t a slight against the accessory, but this could further strengthen the argument in favour of the Secretlab Titan 2022 gaming chair upgrade being worthwhile.

The only challenge (and I use the term lightly) you might encounter while applying a Secretlab skin is getting it through the gap between the back piece and seat. Even with the chair reclined as forward as possible, both the clips and tabs of the skin can take a little fiddling to pull through. Once that’s done, though, it’s simple enough to zip everything up.

The back of a Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series with a Secretlab Chair Skin applied, revealing two purple bits below the zips

From the front, it’s hard to tell whether the design on your Secretlab gaming chair is factory fitted or from a skin, since it fits so well. There are a few telltale signs if you know what to look for, mainly the lack of two-tone fabric on the wings, but this doesn’t at all diminish how impressive the effect is.

The same can’t quite be said when looking from the side or at the back. There’s simply no way to avoid partial exposure on the back, where two small gaps are easy to notice due to the skin’s zips. Meanwhile, the cutouts for the lumbar adjustment knobs are slightly too big. Secretlab tells us that this was done on purpose, to make it easier to adjust whenever you need to, but this does mean that your seat’s original design can be seen.

While these drawbacks aren’t a dealbreaker, I would prefer to not have seen any part of my actual chair once the skin’s applied. While it’s true that Secretlab has done a good job at presenting things from the front, every little counts when it comes to how much this accessory costs.

Finally, your existing magnetic memory foam pillow may also give the game away. In my case, the Soda Purple colour scheme used for the Secretlab logo doesn’t necessarily fit into the Mint Green skin I’ve applied. You can buy head and lumbar pillows separately to thread everything together, but this further adds to the overall price, and you’re left with wasted accessories as a result.

A lumbar adjustment knob on a Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series gaming chair with a Secretlab Chair Skin applied to it

Looks aside for a moment, the skin doesn’t negatively impact comfort levels or the lumbar support system. In fact, I find that adding the accessory actually helps make the Titan Evo 2022 even more comfortable, particularly by making the seat feel less rigid.

You might be able to feel a pocket of air around the mid back area, but this disappears once you place some weight on it. Sinking into the additional layer of Secretlab SoftWeave Plus material isn’t much of an ask, and it remains as premium feeling as ever.

One major advantage that the Secretlab gaming skin offers that piques my interest as a pet owner is that it’s machine washable. Prior to this accessory’s arrival, I almost felt compelled to buy the company’s ‘premium fabric cleaner’, but that need is more or less eliminated by the advent of this add-on.

I’ve yet to actually put the skin into my washing machine, but I’ve little reason to think it won’t survive a cycle. All the same, I’ll likely put them through separate to other items and Secretlab states that it’s not suitable for tumble dryers.

A Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series with a Secretlab Chair Skin applied to it

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the Secretlab Chair Skin. You won’t find anything else like it on the market, and I certainly look forward to seeing how quickly new designs pop up on the company’s store. That said, it’ll take some convincing for me to splash out for one, as they don’t come cheap.

To give your gaming chair a makeover, you’ll need to part with at least $169 USD / £169 GBP / €199. While this is significantly cheaper than buying a new Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, coming in at just one third of the cost, I very much doubt most people will quickly build up a collection.