Secretlab footrests are coming to enhance your gaming chair comfort

Adding to the growing number of Secretlab accessories for its line of gaming chairs, the Secretlab Premium and Professional Footrests look comfy and costly.

The Secretlab Professional Footrest (left) and Premium Footrest (right)

Not one, but two Secretlab footrests are en route to complement the comfort and ergonomic support offered by the company’s gaming chairs. As you might expect, these places of rest for your feet both look to offer a premium feeling refuge from your floors, and one can even warm up your toesies.

The Premium Footrest most closely resembles the build and design of Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 series gaming chairs. It features the same comfortable but firm PlushCell Memory Foam material found in the company’s optional armrests, dressed in soft velour. We’ll need to get one in for review before we can say for sure, but it sounds like the closest you’ll get to kicking your feet up on a comfortable cloud.

Meanwhile, the Secretlab Professional Footrest looks to be a more feature rich companion to the best gaming chair on the market. It boasts a movable platform with 30 degrees of adjustability, that you can leave unlocked to rock back and forth at your leisure or lock in to a preferred angle. The real appeal for this model, however, lies in its support for Secretlab’s CloudSwap technology, allowing you to switch between a memory foam and heated footrest topper.

You can pre-order the Secretlab Premium Footrest today for $89 USD, but we’ll need to wait until June 2023 before our feet may grace the Secretlab Professional Footrest ($199 USD). In the meantime, don’t forget you spruce up your seat with a Secretlab Chair Skin, giving it a fresh new look.