We’re in love with the Secretlab Valentine’s Day deals

Satiate your heart's desires, be it a Secretlab chair, desk, or accessories, and enjoy up to $100 off in celebration of Valentine's Day.

Two Secretlab chairs, surrounded by floating speech bubbles containing hearts

When it comes to sitting down at our PC, the only thing we love more than parking our posteriors on a Secretlab gaming chair is doing so on one that we nabbed for a great price. Now, as part of a Valentine’s Day promotion, you can do just the same, as well as enjoy discounts across the company range of products.

For a long time now, Secretlab has occupied the top of our best gaming chair list. Its Titan Evo 2022 series of seats easily rank among the very best places to sit down for hours, whether you’re playing games, watching films, or just need somewhere to kick back.

Right now, select Titan Evo 2022 gaming chairs can be yours with up to $100 off. There are even cheaper options available too if you don’t mind opting for a Titan or Omega 2020 model, which each retain the same discount. Either are great options, but it’s important to note that you’ll be giving up certain niceties like adjustable lumbar support by forgoing the newer design.

If you’re in the market for one of the best gaming desks, both the Secretlab Magnus Pro and Magnus Metal Desk are readily available. While the desks themselves aren’t discounted, you can enjoy up to $100 off on all bundles, when you buy a desk and mat together. The number of accessories available for each is vast and help transform your setup into an altogether more stylish and tidy space.

The only major difference between the Magnus Pro and Metal Desk is height adjustability, which only features on the former. Standing desks can be greatly beneficial to your physical health, but you’ll need enough space and a wall outlet to fit them into your setup.

These discounts are running as part of Valentine’s Day celeberations, so we imagine they’ll be available until February 15. So, be sure to get your order in before then to get the best price.