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Divinity Original Sin and classic Final Fantasy inspire new pixel RPG

Divinity Original Sin, the superb RPG from Larian, and old-school Final Fantasy both inspire a new strategy-driven, pixel-art roguelite.

Seer's Gambit Steam RPG: A wizard looking into a crystal ball in Steam RPG Seer's Gambit

Maybe it’s just romanticism and nostalgia, but I think games looked better in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. They weren’t as polished, convincing, or photorealistic, but that crisp, pixelated style was instantly recognizable – if we want to differentiate games from movies, TV, and anything else, there was a time, some forty years ago, where they had their own, inimitable aesthetic. Mixing Divinity Original Sin, from esteemed Baldur’s Gate 3 maker Larian, and the formative years of Final Fantasy, a new strategy RPG looks like it was pulled directly from the golden age, and you can try it for yourself right now.

Welcome to Seer’s Gambit, a pixel-art, auto-battling RPG from independent studio Unleash The Giraffe. Like Divinity, the key to success here is to recruit, train, and combine an adventuring party each where members’ abilities complement one another. Battles are won through shrewd positioning and strategic mixtures of skills and classes. Some party members go well together. Others do not. But even the seemingly weakest and most vulnerable can become high-powered warriors if paired with the right companions.

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Visually, Seer’s Gambit is reminiscent of the earlier, 8 and 16-bit, top down RPGs – think Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, or the committed modern homage Sea of Stars. There is a vast fantasy world to explore, and character and class development has a compelling twist, whereby you can discover ‘premonitions’ that hint at which upgrades you should pursue if you want the best chance in upcoming fights.

It’s tentatively scheduled for some time during 2024, but we’re still waiting on the full Seer’s Gambit release date. Nevertheless, it’s available to sample right now thanks to an expansive demo, which has already accumulated 13,000 players on Itch. If you want to try Seer’s Gambit for yourself and perhaps add it to your Steam wishlist, just head right here.

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