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Servo is a mech RTS with RPG progression from Age of Empires developers

Servo announcement

Servo’s being touted as a “new kind of RTS” by Stardock and the ex-Ensemble folks at BonusXP, and today they’ve revealed just what’s new about it. It’s a fast-paced RTS with RPG-like progression… a bit like Dawn of War II. But there are no grumpy Space Marines. Servo’s main units are the titular Servos, gargantuan mechs that wield huge swords and building-sized mini-guns. 

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It’s the future, and the world is a big mess. Humanity buggered off after The Bloom, some weird MacGuffin, consumed Earth, but now they’ve returned to harvest it. And they’ve brought their very big mechs with them. 

Bloom sources dotted around maps can be captured, fuelling the Servos’ upgrades and maintaining their wee drone legions. Mechs and drones will be able to duke it out against the opposition in PvP fights, combat Bloomspawn attacks in co-op, and explore Earth in 25 single-player missions. 

Matches usually run for 10 to 15 minutes, and at the end, players will unlock new tech to strap onto their Servos, from new future-swords to humongous grenade launchers.  

Servo’s due out later this year, but first it will launch on Early Access “in the coming months”. 

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BLACK KNIGHT avatarTsunamiWombat avatar
TsunamiWombat Avatar
3 Years ago

What you think is actually a videogame about robots is actually an incredibly clever comment on the industry. Think about it. Large, soulless automatons cobbled together from the most impressive pieces of technology their creators could find, duking it out with over designed but functionally boring weaponry over who can have the most BLOOM. This isn't a game, this is Spinal Tap.

BLACK KNIGHT(2 hours played)
3 Years ago

So... Servo = Metal Fatigue + Diablo + Dota + Explosions?

Am I getting this right?