RTS game Shadow Tactics is getting a standalone expansion – Aiko’s Choice

Shadow Tactics is back with a new, standalone expansion

Shadow Tactics, Mimimi Games’ 2016 stealth-focussed strategy hit, is among the best RTS games on PC by our reckoning, and it’s getting even more content later this year. Publisher Daedalic Entertainment has announced that the popular strategy game will get a standalone expansion called Aiko’s Choice, which takes us back to the game’s beautiful Edo period Japan and into the story of protagonist and kunoichi adept Aiko.

Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice has been unveiled at tonight’s Future Games Show, and is slated to launch sometime in “late 2021”. Fans of the main game will recall Aiko as a female ninja hailing from the game’s Shinano Province, and she takes centre stage in the coming expansion. Its plot is still a bit of a mystery, but we know that a new enemy “deeply connected” to her past has emerged from the shadows to challenge her, and she needs her team’s help to match them.

The expansion features three “fully-fledged” main missions, which will be set in brand-new environments, along with another three more brief, “interlude” missions to sink your teeth into. You’ll uncover the secrets of Aiko’s past as you progress through.

Like the base game, the expansion’s gameplay will hinge on leading a team of lethal specialist fighters to infiltrate the game’s different environments – like shadowy forest hideouts and busy historic towns – using stealth and other tactics to make it through. You can deploy poison and traps, set up a good, old fashioned distraction, or dodge enemies altogether if that’s more your vibe.

There’s no exact release date to jot down right now other than the late 2021 window, but you can head to the expansion’s Steam page here if you’re keen to know more in the meantime.