Shoot Hitler over and over again in Sniper Elite 3’s preorder DLC

Sniper Elite 3 preorder DLC

Rebellion’s shooting men in the testicles game, Sniper Elite 3, has just been shot with a release date. It’s coming out on June 27th, worldwide. And, of course, there’s some preorder bonus DLC. It asks an important question: DID HITLER REALLY DIE IN BERLIN? It asks this in caps because when you ask that sort of question, you’re probably shouting it at people while drunk.

In Target Hitler: Hunt for the Grey Wolf, you can shoot off the the Charlie Chaplin impersonator’s moustache while he’s on a secret trip to North Africa. Presumably this means that you’re really bad at killing Hitler, because the preorder DLC for the last game tasked you with killing him as well. Do better.

Target Hitler will send players off to the Libyan port town of Tobruk, where Hitler and his double are vacationing. Or they’re on a clandestine mission. One of the two. After sneaking through the town’s streets and rooftops, snipers will need to figure out which of the two Hitlers is the real Hitler. And then shoot him in his silly face.

Rebellion promises an expansive, open environment and randomised target identities, journals and locations, so playing it again will be a different experience.

Steve took the game for a spin last month, and found himself shooting Nazi’s in lots of places, like their blood. Take a gander and see if it’s your cup of tea.