Shootmania: Storm has a new and quite peculiar game mode


Shootmania’s been out for all of a week, and amid all the excitement, nobody’s noticed it has a new game mode. It’s not DLC, nobody has to buy toothpaste, and there’s been nary a whisper out of developers Nadeo; it’s just there. It’s called Combo, and it calls for perfect synchronisation.

In Combo, players are paired into teams of two. Teammates are tasked with working together to frag both of their opponents near-simultaneously. Once one enemy is killed, the other must be eliminated within a certain timeframe to complete the ‘combo’ and win the match.

That timeframe will lengthen with every elimination, making victory more achievable as the game wears on. But if neither team pulls off a combo before the regulation timer ends, the match will end in a sudden death period.

Unusually for Shootmania, it’s also a gametype in which weapons can be switched. Lasers, nucleus and arrows can be collected as pickups, rather than designated depending on map location. Arrows are also new – ranged affairs that cause AOE damage.

Have you picked up Shootmania in the last week? If so, what do you think of it? Our Tim likes it a lot. A lot a lot.

Thanks, Capsule Computers.