Civilization: Beyond Earth – Rising Tide trailer cinematically celebrates release


The slightly disappointing not-Alpha-Centauri future-Civ Beyond Earth is getting a water-based expansion in the form of Rising Tide, and it’s now out for all who want it. To celebrate, Firaxis have released a cinematic trailer showing the arrival of one of the new seabound city-ships on an already established planet. It’s not very long, but it does have some good space bits.

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Pretty, if uninformative. Thankfully there’s been a slew of in-game footage released over the past few weeks showing off all the new bits and bobs to play around with in the expansion. Affinities have had an upgrade to be more maleable, introducing new units in the process. There’s also a far superior diplomacy system, which Tim had a mess around with much to his delight a couple of months back. Lots more videos over on theofficial YouTube channel.

I’ve been looking forward to Rising Tide for a while after the initial version of Beyond Earth felt like a feature-lite version of other Civ games without the massive annals of history to back it up. Unfortunately, at £25/$30/€30 on Steamand the mediocre reviews I’ve read so far, it’s not sounding like the saviour I was after, though a good improvement. Two expansions usually do a world of good for a Civ game, so hopefully the next has the fixes I’m looking for. If not, there’s plenty of other 4Xs in the Steam-sea these days.