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John Romero’s spiritual successor to Doom releases this week

Sigil, the Doom spiritual successor being developed by John Romero, will be available for free later this week


May 28, 2019 John Romero’s Sigil is nearly here.

Sigil, a free Doom Megawad from one of the games original creators, releases later this week. In an announcement on his website, developer John Romero revealed that the mod will be available on Friday, May 31.

Romero’s post simply reads that “the free Sigil Megawad will be released here on May 31 at 10:00 BST” (05:00 ET, 02:00 PT). Fans have previously been able to get their hands on a version of the mod alongside its soundtrack for €6.66 (£5.88, $7.46), as well as in some pretty extensive collector’s editions, but this is the first time that Sigil will be available for free, as Romero intended.

The new release follows a delay that’s pushed the mod’s launch back from the planned date in mid-February. According to Romero, that was the result of “a few snags in production” of the boxed version of the game. While the mod has been ready for several months, the special editions had to be shipped before the game itself was available to play.

In case you missed Romero’s original announcement, Sigil is a spiritual successor to the fourth episode of Doom. It’ll feature nine single-player and nine multiplayer levels – officially making it a Megawad, rather than the smaller mod format, Wad – but you’ll need to own a registered copy of the original 1993 release of Doom in order to play it.

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If you prefer your Doom a little more relevant to this millennium, then you’ll be glad to know that Doom 2016 is getting its sequel. The Doom Eternal release date is still something of a mystery, but we’re expecting it to be available some time later this year.