Silent Hill 2 remake dev Bloober has another horror game in the works

Silent Hill 2 remake, Layers of Fear, and Blair Witch developer Bloober has a new horror game on the way as Konami pushes Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill f

Silent Hill 2 remake dev Bloober has another horror game in the works. A man with blonde hair and a pallid expression, James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2, stares into a mirror

Silent Hill 2 remake is not the only horror game in the works from Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and Observer developer Bloober, as the Polish studio announces a brand-new horror project – great news for horror fans, as we also await a slew of Konami games like Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill Ascension, and the mysterious Silent Hill f.

As part of a new deal with US publisher Private Division, a subsidiary label of Take-Two Interactive, Bloober is creating a brand-new survival horror game, which is apparently already in “early development.”

“Our next project is an exciting new survival-horror game, which will help us become a leader in the horror industry at large,” says Bloober’s chief executive officer, Piotr Babieno. “I am grateful for this cooperation with Private Division. Their expertise is extensive, and their people are also very approachable. We don’t perceive them in a typical ‘publisher-developer’ relationship; they’re more like a friend who shows us support or keeps us in line when we need it most.”

The unrevealed survival horror game is not expected to launch before 2025, likely after the release of Silent Hill 2 remake, which Bloober and publisher Konami unveiled in October.

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Silent Hill 2 forms a contingent of new projects connected to the classic horror series, including Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill f, which is reportedly set in 1960s Japan, and Silent Hill Ascension, a streaming TV series with interactive elements. A new film, Return to Silent Hill, is also in the works.

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