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Mysterious new Silent Hill game finally gets update from dev

Silent Hill Townfall, one of the most mysterious new games in Konami’s horror game revival, is “bigger” than its developer once thought.

Silent Hill Townfall new update: A man in glasses from horror game Silent Hill Townfall

Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill F. Silent Hill The Short Message. There are so many new Silent Hill games, it feels like we’re going to be lost in the misty, malevolent little town for years to come. Konami is putting everything into the revival of its beloved horror game series, but official details and full reveals have been scarce. One of the most mysterious new Silent Hill games, Silent Hill Townfall, by Stories Untold and Observation developer No Code, has been – pun intended – silent more or less since its first announcement. Now, however, its creator breaks through the static to share a new update, explaining that the upcoming spookfest is “bigger” than first anticipated.

Silent Hill Townfall is expected to be something different from a traditional survival horror game. The first part of an anthology series, the announcement trailer contains some cryptic imagery and possibly a mention of the name ‘Alessa,’ which long-term Silent Hill fans will recognize as the name of the young girl whose traumatic childhood catalyzes the events of the original game and Silent Hill 3. Besides that, not much is known about Townfall. Judging from No Code’s other work, we’re hoping for a twist on the horror genre with a strong narrative core.

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A new update from No Code however offers a little more detail regarding Silent Hill Townfall, and how the game’s development is progressing. “There was a year here, it’s gone now,” No Code writes, in reference to the famous message scrawled onto the wall in Silent Hill 2. “We still grow, steadily and carefully. Wonderful new people joining wonderful people. All of us still crafting a nightmare (it’s bigger than we thought). No signals this year. More signals next year (promise).”

Silent Hill Townfall new details: Remark from Silent Hill Townfall creator No Code about the upcoming horror game

It’s not a lot, but it’s something to go on, and suggests that Silent Hill Townfall might be larger in scope than originally imagined, with more reveals set to follow in 2024. Meanwhile, Silent Hill 2 Remake developer Bloober Team has shared updates on how that game is progressing. Expect a lot more air-raid sirens, chain link fences, and ampoules in the near future.

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