Six Days in Fallujah release date confirmed

The Six Days in Fallujah release date is confirmed, as the “first-person tactical shooter,” developed alongside real Marines, comes to Steam Early Access.

Six Days in Fallujah release date confirmed: A soldier in full military gear hangs his head in FPS game Six Days in Fallujah

The Six Days in Fallujah release date is coming sooner rather than later, with Victura and Highware Games’ “first-person tactical shooter,” set in and around the eponymous Iraqi city, confirmed for launch on Steam Early Access. Developed alongside real Marines and soldiers, who “served in the Second Battle of Fallujah,” the FPS game “requires players to overcome real-world scenarios with their fire team by using real-life military tactics,” and will launch with multiplayer co-op this summer. It comes after Six Days in Fallujah has been in development for almost 18 years.

“In Early Access, Six Days in Fallujah will focus initially on the experiences of US Marine fireteams on the first day of the battle,” Highwire Games says. “As Early Access develops, players can also choose to play cooperatively as special operations or Iraqi soldiers fighting alongside coalition forces, and players will begin to encounter civilians as the battle progresses.”

From its Early Access launch, Six Days in Fallujah will feature four multiplayer co-op missions, set in procedurally generated maps which alter each time they are played. The FPS also features “tactical indoor and outdoor sandbox” gameplay.

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The Six Days in Fallujah release date is June 22, and the game will be available for $39.99 (£32) on Steam. The full release is scheduled to follow some time in 2024.

The game began development in 2004, but was dropped by its original publisher, Konami. Six Days in Fallujah has faced controversy owing to its depiction of real-life military action and gameplay that involves interactions between soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

PCGamesN spoke with Victura CEO Peter Tamte, who says the developer “could have done a better job” with presenting both sides of the Iraq War in Six Days in Fallujah’s promotional material.

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