Everything we know about Skate 4

The series is making a return after more than a decade spent laying dormant - here are all the latest details


Looking for some Skate 4 news? A decade is a very long time for an iconic game series to go completely silent, but in the ten years since Skate 3 released there’s been almost no news about a sequel aside from rumours. The first Skate was among the most innovative skateboard games around, from its analogue control scheme and grinding engine, to its more realistic, less edgy representation of the skating scene. The development team behind Skate 3 was disbanded after the release of Skate 3 in 2010, but in the years since the series’ community has been consistently bombarding EA message boards with questions about the series and its potential return.

That confirmation has finally arrived, with creative director Cuz Parry and game director Drean Chung announcing they are working on a new Skate game during EA Play 2020. The pair didn’t have much more than that to reveal – in fact, we’re not even certain that the new game will be called Skate 4 – but knowing it’s officially in the works is enough for many.

Join us as we trawl through what scarce details there are on Skate 4.

When is Skate 4 coming out?

There’s absolutely no release window for Skate 4, and given it’s not got an official name, imagery, or trailer yet our guess is it’s a few years away at least.

As Cuz Parry says in the announcement clip, “we’ve got a long way to go, but we’re stoked, and this is just the beginning”.

Parry and Chung also revealed in an interview with online skateboarding and culture magazine Jenkem, that the project was brought back to life in 2018 when Laura Miele became Chief Studios Officer at EA. Parry and Chung say “Once she got in, it was moving”.

Is Skate 4 coming to PC

Seeing as the first three Skate games never arrived on PC you may be wondering why we’re covering this at all. The simple answer is that PC gaming is more popular than ever and is better served by triple-A publishers than ever before. Whether this new Skate game is Skate 4, a series reboot, or something else entirely, EA has increased its efforts to bring games to PC platforms in recent years and it’s hard to see why one of their biggest series wouldn’t make the leap. Recently EA even released a haul of older games on Steam.

And if the popularity of the series was ever in question, let’s not forget that EA says the Skate 4 announcement was its most popular Twitter post ever, with millions of views and over 100K likes.

What will Skate 4 gameplay be like?

Again, details are somewhere between scarce and non-existant on this one, but the interview with Jenkem does provide a couple of clues.

For starters, Parry and Chung affirm that Skate 4 is “going to feel like a Skate game”. So if you’re a fan of the series’s control scheme and realistic physics then this bodes well.

Another aspect the duo touch on briefly is the community aspect of the Skate series. “There are guys who do their own thing and make like Rube Goldberg machines within the game… We want to have fun with the community, and give them a platform and let them do their own thing. It’s like hey, you could just go steal that wood and build your own spot. Like a sandbox.”

While we’re not going to say Skate 4 will let you be as creative as some of the best sandbox games, it’s an interesting comment and suggests that some of the map editing and creation tools of Skate 3 will be more heavily integrated into the game world of the new Skate game.

Some of these gameplay hints were also echoed in an investor call with EA CEO Andrew Wilson (thanks, VGC). “For many people, you think about skating as a starting point that has appeal, but you start to build in user-generated content, exploration, and community on top of that, and that expands the opportunity exponentially”. It’s clear that there will be a huge emphasis on community content and social features when Skate 4 does launch.

That’s it for Skate 4 details. Obviously, there’s not much at this early stage, but at least it’s all here.

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