Skate 4 release date: what we know so far

The skating series is making a return after more than a decade spent laying dormant - here are all the latest details


What is the Skate 4 release date? Unfortunately we don’t really know right now but we can at least be safe in the knowledge that a new Skate game is coming. A decade is a very long time for an iconic series to go completely silent.

The first Skate was among the most innovative skateboard games around, from its analogue control scheme and grinding engine, to its more realistic, less edgy representation of the skating scene. The development team behind Skate 3 was disbanded after the release of Skate 3 in 2010, but in the years since the series’ community has been consistently bombarding EA message boards with questions about the series and its potential return.

That confirmation finally arrived when creative director Cuz Parry and game director Drean Chung announced they are working on a new Skate game during EA Play 2020. We’ve had further news on Skate 4 since then, although nothing concrete – not even if it’s going to be called Skate 4 – but what we do know we’ve rounded up below.

When is the Skate 4 Release Date?

There’s currently no release window for Skate 4. It hasn’t even been officially announced yet, although you can rest assured it’s still being worked on.

In July 2021, the official Skate twitter account had this to say:

Is Skate 4 coming to PC

It has been confirmed that Skate 4 is coming to PC. Seeing as the first three Skate games never arrived on PC though you can forgive us for asking. Luckily, the official Skate twitter account confirmed the new game’s status on PC in August 2021:

That’s all we know about the Skate 4 release date right now. When the game is officially announced, we’ll update this guide with more details and specifics on what the new Skate game will actually be like.