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Top rated zombie horror shooter unleashes post launch roadmap

Sker Ritual's developer commits to multiple updates over the coming months, improving the horror FPS with plenty more in the works.

Top rated zombie horror shooter unleashes post launch roadmap: A helmeted character stands in front of fire in Sker Ritual.

Few co-op games have been such a surprise as Sker Ritual, which in under a month has seen it receive a whopping 84% rating on Steam with 2,659 reviews coming in. A zombie shooter from a team best known for developing in fields like single-player horror and interactive movies may not seem like a natural fit for a game of this sort, but Wales Interactive has definitely made it work.

In the month since launch, the developer of Sker Ritual has been busy fixing bugs and releasing patches for the multiplayer horror game. Now, Wales Interactive is showing off what it has planned for players over the next few months, and there’s a lot coming to the zombie-killing FPS.

In May the focus appears to be on the console version, with PS5 Cross-Play coming and optimization so those without PCs can get enjoy a smoother experience. In June we’ve got a new standard weapon, followed by one of the year’s two free content packs in July.

The post-launch roadmap for Sker Ritual

The first of these, titled House of the Damned, will include a new map, special weapon, perks, and even some extra easter eggs being slipped in alongside it. The other free content pack is scheduled for an October release. Tides of Terror will add much the same as the House of the Damned, except with a much more nautical theme, as befits the name.

Despite two content packs being free this year Wales Interactive has confirmed it is working on DLC for Sker Ritual. Four new pieces of cosmetic DLC are incoming, albeit with no release date just yet, all based on suggestions made by the game’s community.

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In addition to these slices of content being added to the game, the team has also confirmed that it will continually work on networking, optimization, and bug fixes throughout the year. It’s looking like a busy time ahead for fans of Sker Ritual, with plenty to look forward to as they slay the many horrors waiting for them on this mysterious island. If you’d like to read more, you can check out the full update over on the Steam announcement.

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