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Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass?

Will you be able to set sail using your subscription, or is scurvy a full-price purchase? Is Skull and Bones be on Game Pass or not?

Skull and Bones Game Pass: a crewmember of a pirate ship stands in the crows nest, looking at a ship in the distance.

Is Skull and Bones on Game Pass? Everyone we speak to seems to be fairly excited to jump into Skull and Bones; Black Flag-esque ship combat, beautiful visuals… peg legs, it’s got a bit of everything, just as long as your everything revolves around naval combat and singing sea shanties.

The Skull and Bones release date is rapidly approaching, and a Skull and Bones open beta is happening too, so if you want to give the pirate game a go before you commit to a purchase, there’s time. For those Game Pass subscribers amongst us, here’s whether you’ll get Skull and Bones as part of your service.

Skull and Bones Game Pass: a trio of ships sailing on calm waters.

Will Skull and Bones be on Game Pass?

Skull and Bones isn’t currently set for a Game Pass release. Skull and Bones can be purchased on PC via the Epic Games Store or on Ubisoft Connect, and is included with a Ubisoft+ subscription. The standard version of Skull and Bones will set you back $59.99, with the premium version coming in at $89.99.

Those with a Ubisoft+ subscription will have access to the premium version of Skull and Bones, which gives players three days of early access, and a host of other in-game bonuses, including extra missions, an artbook, and a Smuggler pass token.

Now you know that Skull and Bones won’t be making an appearance on Game Pass, the only thing left to do is sit tight for the release date and choose your favorite digital storefront. While you wait, check out our list of the best PC games here, and if you’re after something else to get excited about, we also have a list of upcoming PC games here.