All Skull and Bones treasure map answers and locations

It isn’t a pirate game without treasure to find. In Skull and Bones, we've deciphered all of the treasure map locations and answers.

pirate scurlock in skull and bones reading a letter

How do treasure maps work in Skull and Bones? Like you’d expect from a pirate-themed adventure, treasure maps feature two pieces of information that will lead you to riches: a location and a clue. However, it’s not quite that straightforward, as you’ll also need to find the maps first, which can seem a bit confusing as you begin plundering the Red Isles.

Do you have more questions about Skull and Bones? As a huge live service game, we don’t blame you – there’s a ton of mechanics at play. From all you need to know about Skull and Bones infamy to a Skull and Bones pet list to make your pirate ship a little bit more pleasant, we’ve got you well covered. Otherwise, read on to find out all you need to know about treasure maps, including answers as to where to find the treasure.

detailed treasure map in skull and bones with a clue

How to get Skull and Bones treasure maps

At the moment, we’ve discovered four ways to obtain treasure maps:

  • Rewards for contracts, which are side quests
  • As part of the main mission contracts
  • Looted from sinking enemy ships
  • Obtained as a reward for completing PvP and PvE events

Note that you can use your spyglass to view other ships to see if they have a treasure map on them before you attack; however, boarding an enemy has the chance to drop a map as a bonus item, which won’t show up on the spyglass.

There are two kinds of treasure maps that we’ve discovered so far. These are common treasure maps and the much harder to obtain legendary treasure maps, which are only available as a reward from PvP and PvE events. Furthermore, maps obtained during contracts do not slot into either category.

opening a skull and bones treasure chest on an island

Skull and Bones treasure locations

Once you have the map in hand, the ability to claim the treasure will unlock. This requires docking at Outposts and searching for the treasure on foot. A shining red light will glow once you’re close to the treasure location.

Contract maps

Map name How to get Treasure location Clue Rewards
Sea People Relic Clue Relics of the Past contract The Relics of the Past location is in Fort Louis in Tenina Coast, in the southern part of the Red Isles. Turn left at the beach to find the grave with the treasure. One of our camps was raided by the Fara at Red Isle, Tenina Coast, in Fort Louis… We left our items there.
  • 2x Sea People Tokens
  • Boneforged
  • Windswept
  • First Aid Station
  • Sea People Bottom Case
Caradec’s Bounty High Seas Heist main contract Head to the Reef Sea and dock along the eastern coastline at the Royal Burial Ground Outpost. Look for the wooden pole with an X on it, located along the beach. Your job is simple. Kill the bastard and his crew. Succeed, and you will be rewarded handsomely. Travel to Reef Sea, Red Isle, then head to the Royal Burial Ground outpost for your reward.
  • 2x brandy
  • Caradec’s Bounty
  • Bombard I
  • Letter of Marque
Agent’s Clues  Cutthroat Secrets main contract Located along the western coast of the Coast of Africa area in the Ziwa Kubwa region. Follow the path up to the bonfire to find the treasure marked by an X. The officers in Coast of Africa and Ziwa Kubwa remain trusting and unaware of any subterfuge. I have much to share, please seek out Sunken Goldmine.
Port l’Hermine The Oubliette outpost. Head towards a torch to see the treasure marker. John Scurlock chose me to guard a chest, a stupid mistake. I decided for Port l’Hermine, southwest of Kokok Terapung. Good luck on your search!
  • 7,100 Silver
  • Melusine’s Post
  • 2x Lamba Cloth
  • 7x Iroko Plank

The Reef Sea treasure map in Skull and Bones.

Common maps

Treasure location Clue
Found in Fort Louis in Tenina Coast, in the southern part of the Red Isles. Look for a small rock painted white with a crab. We were boarded off Tenina Coast, southeast of the Mother of Shipwrecks.
Dock at the Royal Burial Ground Outpost. This time, head up the stairs, follow the path to the left, pass the water point, and the chest is located under a tree marked with an X. I have left a full chest for you. My best option was to go to Reef Sea, southwest of Sacred Tree.
Dock at the Lost City of Prei. Head just ahead and to your left, and look for a rock painted with a turtle. Rogues pounced on me near Chichomneah Jungle, southeast of Ruins of Luk Khun.
Along the eastern coast of the Coast of Africa area, dock at Kaa Mangrove just south of the Sultani Island region. Follow the wooden path to the right. I sought safety in Sultani Island, northwest of Mother of Shipwrecks. Could this go down in legend? I hope so.
At the northern tip of the Coast of Africa region, follow a narrow river to dock at the Pillar Tomb outpost. Follow the stairs up to find the buried treasure. I hastily landed in Pembe, north of The Navigators’ Cross, and buried the chest there when no one was watching.

Old maps

Old maps can be deciphered slightly differently to normal treasure maps. You will need to head to areas and use the Spyglass to look at the hand-drawn version of the outpost. Compare this with the treasure map drawing. If both look identical, that’s where the treasure can be found. If you’ve already visited an outpost, you can hover over it in the overworld map to see the image. When disembarking on the correct outpost, you’ll also see a message that pops up to confirm “treasure is in this outpost”.

Map name Clue Location Rewards
Sultanate of Sohar We were parched and starving but chanced upon an abandoned chest. Hands working for The Sultanate of Sohar helped me bury the loot in Coast of Africa. They haven’t seized me yet. I must hold out for just a little longer. The Elder’s Cave outpost. Disembark, and turn right before the entrance with the animal’s body nearby.
  • 3,748 Silver
  • 2x Ornate Pistols
  • Melusine’s Splendor
  • 5x Wine
  • 7x Juniper

A cutthroat cargo hunt event pop-up appears, giving the player the chance to hunt for a Skull and Bones legendary treasure map.

Legendary maps

Legendary Skull and Crossbones maps can be claimed in PvP world events that occur at random. As you explore the world around you, keep an eye out for a pop up in the left of the screen, asking if you want to participate in a Cutthroat Cargo Hunt.

Upon accepting the event invite, a new location is pinned on your map, marked by a red skull icon. You have less than five minutes to get to this location before the event goes live, at which point the first person to get there can claim the map. It’s not over there, though, as anyone else who wants that legendary loot can try and take it from you – along with your life. Similarly, if you miss out, don’t be afraid to punch holes in your opponent’s ship.

With the map in your possession, read it, and try and get to the location within before you’re taken out be an enemy. Reach the location alive, and the hunt will end, giving you free reign of the outpost as you hunt for your buried treasure, just like you would any of the treasure chests above.

You’ll need a ship to reach all these treasure locations, especially as you’ll be sinking ships and fleeing from fleets of ships in search of these treasure maps and chests. Therefore, you should definitely take a peek at every Skull and Bones ship to see what options are available to you. And maybe you have a craving for more plunder and loot after Skull and Bones whetted your appetite. We’ve got a handy list of the best pirate games on PC if that’s the case.