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Social MMO from acclaimed indie dev finally comes to Steam

thatgamecompany's MMO Sky: Children of the Light has finally come to Steam, as the acclaimed Journey dev continues making thoughtful games.

Sky Children of the Light Steam

Sky: Children of the Light is a contemplative game. It might be an MMO on the surface, but Journey and Flower developer thatgamecompany’s games are all about connection, and this is no different. If you missed it on mobile and some consoles, then I’ve got great news, as the game has just dropped on Steam.

If you’ve never heard of thatgamecompany, the award-winning studio is responsible for some of the best games of the modern generation. Stripping the medium back to core human connection elements with striking yet minimalist art direction, the studio is behind all-time greats like Journey and Flower. Sky: Children of the Light is a game in the studio’s stylistic tradition, a really unique MMO.

To that end, Sky: Children of the Light isn’t an MMO in the exact same way as World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy 14. Instead, it’s more like a puzzle game you can play with other people. Much like how Journey is a game about connection more than it’s about any actual mechanics – even though it has them – Sky wants you to experience it more than anything else.

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You’ll find Sky: Children of the Light in Steam Early Access right now, as thatgamecompany has finally ported the MMO from mobile.

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