Skyforge reveals new dungeons, classes and PvP coming soon


The recent Obsidian and event wasn’t totally focused on Armored Warfare. Some of the folks involved in the western version of Russian F2P MMO Skyforge were also on hand to reveal what’s coming down the pipe in the joint project with Allods Team. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, we’ve also written up impressions on the first few hours. It’s rather good.

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The most significant but least detailed news was that more character options and world content are on the way. Obsidian didn’t go into specifics beyond dungeons and missions, but with two more major updates to come this year and many planned throughout 2016, you can expect them to pop up soon.

Rated PvP, including tournaments, also got a mention. This will allow groups of players to directly compete, feature on a leaderboard and win fabulous prizes. Territory Wars are being added too, letting groups control areas of the world for glory and rewards.

Then there are Pantheon Academies, which are intended to introduce newer players to the game’s guild system earlier. This is partly to combat problems with players reaching higher levels and being suddenly hit by the learning curve of an area of the game they have had no involvement in so far. Obviously it’s also important for the social side of the game that keeps so many players invested.

The last thing mentioned was Avatar fights, which will be battles against much larger bad guys at the endgame. They’re representations of the not-so-great elder gods who are threatening the land, and should be a challenge to fight even for the most veteran groups.