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Skyforge patch Journey of the Divine brings monstrous enemies and progression changes


Godly MMO Skyforge is receiving another big update today, Journey of the Divine. It includes brand new massive monsters to fight in the game’s invasion modes, unique rewards for defeating them and a way for Pantheons – the game’s guilds – to help train up new members for rewards. There’s also a decent number of quality of life changes which, based on the 5 minutes of soild cheering I heard at Blizzcon during WoW’s announcements of plans for transmog, are always the most exciting for embedded players.

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There’s even a new trailer with slightly painful voiceover showing off everything that’s new and an old man with mechanical tentacles doing his best Dok Ock impression:

I really hope he doesn’t still sound like every teenage Digimon protagonist by the time he’s got that beard.

Anyway, those avatars that flashed up are the big new enemies to battle against, and once you take them down you get access to Divine Specilizations, a late-game class-like system that gives bonuses to certain roles. They’re designed broadly around things like crafting, group PvE, or solo PvE and you can read all the possible benefits in this handy blog post.

Pantheon Academies are a big one, designed to help players ease into the late-game systems and requirements needed to play Skyforge’s hardest content. We first heard of them and the Avatar fights via the Obsidian event last month, where the developers admitted there were problems getting people to transition from the game’s excellent first hours to endgame.

On the smaller side, rewards are being improved so players can select which they would prefer, based on their current position within the Ascension Atlas and what resources would be most useful to them. Even for new players this will be exceptionally useful when trying to unlock early nodes.

The update went live today and should be accessible now. Get out there and show them the definition of Immortal.