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New Skyrim mod overhauls the loot system with Diablo style drops

This Skyrim mod introduces a Diablo and Borderlands style loot system to Bethesda's game, and it's a great touch for the classic RPG.

Skyrim mod Diablo loot: a dead Skyrim character surrounded by glowing lot of different colors

It might be 2024 but I’m back again spotlighting cool Skyrim mods, and today I’ve got a smart one that turns Skyrim’s approach to loot more into an MMO, or to my eyes games like Diablo 4 and the Borderlands series. That’s right, enemies will now drop all their loot on the ground, and there are even colored indicators to help everything stand out.

Loot Spillage NG from ‘Monitor144hz’ is a Skyrim mod that does exactly what it sounds like, taking a new approach to the classic RPG’s loot system – that sees enemies hiding their goods in some sort of pocket dimension at all times – that I really like the look of. It might be 2024, but Skyrim still isn’t going anywhere.

All living entities now drop their loot pool on death, and different types of items have VFX colors that help to differentiate what you’ll want to pick up while making them stand out. The colors aren’t tied to rarities like in Borderlands or Diablo, but considering Skyrim’s loot comes in many different forms, I think it makes a lot of sense.

Monitor144hz adds that you can enable or disable each type of drop like weapons, armor, and misc items through the mod’s INI files, so if you want to declutter the drops or just don’t need those pesky bandit swords, you can customize your experience.

Skyrim mod Diablo loot: loot and a body on the floor

I’ve listed the types of items and their corresponding color below, so you can see what you’re in for alongside the images from Monitor144hz.

  • Red – Weapons
  • Purple – Armor
  • Green – Consumable/Ingredient
  • Yellow – Key/Valuable
  • Teal – Miscellaneous

It’s a tiny mod, but if you’re one of the people still playing Skyrim all these years later I’d hazard a guess that these changes are exactly what you’re looking for, so give it a try. You can find Monitor144hz’s Loot Spillage NG right here.

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