New Skyrim mod adds school of necromancy with over 30 spells

This new Skyrim mod introduces over 30 necromancy spells to the game, including summoning phantoms, weapons, and exploding corpses as well.

Skyrim mod necromancy: a green spirit skeleton with a horned helmet

You can now use an array of necrotic spells thanks to this new Skyrim mod, which has rolled around just in time for the spooky season. You can use necromancy to summon ghostly apparitions, necrotic weapons, and even explode corpses in the Bethesda RPG game now, and it’s perfect if you’re revisiting Tamriel this Halloween.

Called Necrotic and developed by ‘Darenii’, this new Skyrim mod is filled with green ghosts, exploding corpses, and an array of new and remixed spells. There are over 30 spells in the Skyrim mod, ranging from Novice to Master rank, alongside three new powers as well.

You can summon an array of Necrotic weapons like swords and war axes, or you can conjure spooky enemies like soldiers and archers to fight for you in the RPG game. Some spells have higher levels, with the Master ranked ones offering up the best summons, buffs, and corpse explosions too.

Skyrim mod necromancy: a green spirit skeleton with a sword

The powers you have can also come in super handy, as Convocation pulls your summons closer to you, Necrofication gives you a better armor rating while increasing summon damage, and Necropolis sacrifices all nearby corpses to spawn spirits. In short, you become a full-on Necromancer in Skyrim.

We’ve already seen a Skyrim nature mod and a school of blood magic in the game, with necromancy just the next in a great line of magic overhauls. Darenii also has a slew of other Skyrim overhaul mods with extra mechanics and ideas, so be sure to check them out after downloading the Necrotic mod first.

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