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This excellent Skyrim mod revamps it with color and up to 4K textures

This new Skyrim mod is a bright fantasy retexture of Tamriel and it looks absolutely gorgeous, making it the perfect excuse to dive back in.

Skyrim mod texture overhaul: an image of a bridge over a small river in a forest

The creator of the incredibly popular Skyland Skyrim mod has just released a brand new landscape overhaul for the Bethesda RPG, with the fantasy textures of games like Fable a major inspiration for the revitalization of Tamriel’s environments. So if you’re planning on going back to Skyrim over the holidays and want to try out a brighter world with up to 4K textures, this might just be for you.

Coming from ‘Skyking2020,’ Fantasia is a new Skyrim mod that aims to bring in “new colorful textures with larger, bold details” for all the landscapes, roads, bridges, mountains, caves, mines, and much more throughout the land of Skyrim. There’s no better excuse for revisiting the RPG, that’s for sure.

Skyrim mod texture overhaul: a fantasy city on a cliff

I adore the idea of brightening up the land of Skyrim, as while what Bethesda achieved in 2011 with visuals, sounds, and music creates an incredibly serene vibe, it’s nice to give it a new coat of paint with much bolder colors.

Skyking2020’s previous texture mod, Skyland, is an incredibly popular one as the 2016 release has over half a million unique downloads, offering up enhanced visuals in a similar way to Fantasia, except the latter is more stylized. Just look at the original Skyrim trailer from 2011, if you want a comparison.

YouTube Thumbnail

You can find and download Skyking2020’s newest mod right here, with the files available in 1K, 2K, and 4K textures. Landscape updates for the textures in Skyrim’s DLCs are also planned further down the road, so almost all of the major textures in the game are hit by the mod as of right now.

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