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New Skyrim mod vastly improves the game’s most underwhelming quest

Prolific Skyrim modder 'JaySerpa' has vastly improved one of the Bethesda RPG game's most underwhelming quests, and made it feel incredible.

Skyrim mod underwhelming quest

Every now and then I spot a Skyrim mod that longtime players need to know about. Sometimes it’s the smallest changes to the fishing mechanic and other times we’re looking at entirely new schools of magic. Today though, one of the most prolific modders in the scene has vastly improved one of vanilla Skyrim’s most underwhelming quests. Why? Well, why not?

Skyrim mod legend ‘JaySerpa’ has only gone and done it again, this time turning one of the RPG game’s most underwhelming quests into something much bigger and better. The Skyrim quest ‘Infiltration’, which takes place at Treva’s Watch, has been vastly improved with a new original character with voice lines, more of a focus on your own choices, and expansions to what’s hinted at by the characters in the quest.

JaySerpa has worked with others to not only splice in vanilla voice lines where it feels appropriate – something they do a lot to great effect – but we’ve also seen an entirely new NPC with original voice acting added to the quest. There’s also even more player choice, multiple new endings, and immersive additions to help flesh out the overall experience.

NPC Stalleo will now help you more when in the fort during the quest, and even go so far as to warn you about traps and the like. There are even more bandit chiefs integrated into the mod too, as JaySerpa thinks Infiltration always had more to offer that may have been cut.

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Basically, JaySerpa has done everything they can to dynamically improve the opportunities and outcomes of the Infiltration quest in Skyrim, while still making sure it feels like the original work from Bethesda. You already had a few choices to make in Infiltration, but JaySerpa wants to account for even more possibilities, like both main characters Stalleo and Brurid being dead or alive, depending on your choices.

You can find JaySerpa’s mod fixing up and expanding the Infiltration quest and Treva’s Watch over on NexusMods right now, alongside instructions if you’re installing with a mid-game save.

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