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This 94%-rated early access farming game gets a gadget-heavy overhaul

Currentlly in Steam Early Access, Slime Rancher 2's latest patch adds a whole host of cool new gadgets to this silly farming game.

A woman running, smiling, carrying a slime gun. She is surrounded by happy slimes, including one with a raccoon tail.

Slime Rancher 2 is getting a whole lot stranger, thanks to its Gadgets My Way update. The latest patch for this top-rated Steam Early Access slime-farming sim adds in 30+ gadgets and items, ranging from the mundane to the ridiculous, overhauls the building system and more.

It may still be in early access but Slime Rancher 2 isn’t short on satisfied customers. It’s rated 94% positive on Steam and the ‘Gadgets My Way’ update is set to make this silly farming game even more appealing.

As the title suggests, Slime Rancher 2 is wall-to-wall goo-beasties. These little creatures come in all shapes and sizes, including a ridiculously adorable raccoon-style Ringtail Slime. This is one game that developer Monomi Park can say literally oozes charm.

But you don’t get to just hang around, cooing at Slime Rancher 2’s slimes all day. You’ve got to feed them, breed them and make sure nothing else has them for dinner. The gadgets featured in this update should make those tasks a little easier, encouraging you to, as the trailer boasts, “Build it for Efficency.”

You’ll be firing things out of cannons, watching slimes ride round on ferris wheels and more. There are 36 new items in all, including: Easy Breezy Fan, Striking Streamers, Round Bumper, Boombox and Fire Flower (let’s hope Nintendo doesn’t sue over that last one).

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But that’s not all. The building system and UI have been given a serious overhaul, as detailed in Slime Rancher 2’s latest patch notes. Previously, the game would restrict where you could place certain items, but now you can put them anywhere.

“This update not only enhances the ease of constructing your dream ranch but also enriches the process of discovering and cataloging your unique slime and gadget collections”, explains Monomi Park. And there are more ways to interact with your slimes, though if you do pet them, you might want to wash your hands after.

Slimer Rancher 2’s Gadgets My Way update is out right now, and it’s currently 30% off on Steam. If you’re thinking of sharing the fun, you’ll want to know does Slime Rancher 2 have co-op? Or for even more wholesome antics, check out the best relaxing games.

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