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How to sign up for the Smite 2 alpha playtest

Following the announcement of Smite 2, sign-ups are already open for access to the MOBA sequel’s first alpha playtest later this year.

The glowing face of the Fire Giant, made in Unreal Engine 5 for the /smite 2 alpha.

How do you sign up for Smite 2 alpha playtest? Smite 2 was revealed in an exciting announcement during the tenth Smite World Championships, with new and old Gods being revamped in Unreal Engine 5.2 for greater impact, better visuals, and more immersive gameplay.

Smite 2 alpha playtest sign-ups opened immediately following the reveal, which was well received by attendees at the esports event. While Smite 2 is still in early development, our time with the game so far has assured us that this is a huge step up for Smite that fans will love, despite the controversy surrounding Smite 2 skins. If you can’t wait to test out the alpha playtest for one of the best MOBAs around, here’s what you need to know about the Smite 2 alpha test.

Ymir emits a powerful blizzard in the Smite 2 alpha.

Smite 2 alpha sign-up

To sign up for the Smite 2 alpha, head over to the official Smite 2 site and enter your preferred platform, alongside your email address. By doing so, you’re not guaranteed access to the alpha, but will receive an email if you are invited to test Smite 2.

To guarantee access to the first Smite 2 playtests, you can purchase the Founder’s Pack when pre-orders go live in Spring 2024.

When is the Smite 2 alpha?

The Smite 2 alpha takes place in Spring 2024. There is no exact date for the playtest yet, but we know that there will be monthly tests, so presumably the first of these will take place in early Spring with an alpha test maybe taking place in April, May, and June.

There will likely be around 11 Gods in the first alpha playtests, including the ten available in early preview builds, plus the first all-new Smite 2 God, Hecate. Up to 25 Gods will then be available for the beta testing period, which follows in mid to late 2024, according to the Smite 2 roadmap.

If you’re interested in Smite 2 and want to know what to expect from the upcoming game, check out our Smite 2 first impressions to see what we think of the game so far. While you eagerly wait for your Smite 2 alpha key, there are plenty of other multiplayer games worth trying, whether it’s other MOBAs you’re looking for, or something else entirely.