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One of the most underrated MOBAs of all time is getting a sequel

Get ready to languish in your God-complex more than ever before as Smite 2 improves on one of the greatest MOBAs with “Smite, but better.”

An armored woman with black plate anf gold trims with short black hair and red eyes runs at the camera sword at her side

In the battle between the MOBAs, there’s one god-like battle arena game that continues to contend for its seat on the MOBA throne. The mythological queen to League of Legends’ fantasy king, as it were, Smite has earned its place on the dais. Now, a decade on from the original Smite release date, Smite 2 has been announced.

As one of nearly 130 Gods and Goddesses in the MOBA, you play in one of five classes: Assassin, Hunter, Guardian, Mage, or Warrior. Whether you want to help your teammates, shoot opponents at range, or take the battle to them with destructive melee attacks, there’s a role for you – and a powerful mythological character perfect for you, too. What really sets Smite apart from the competition though, alongside its majestic characters and lore, is its third-person action perspective, which differs from the usual top-down MOBA view. This third-person view allows you to really get in on the action, making the most of your powerful attacks and magical weaponry, and that’s exactly what excited Titan Forge Games about making Smite 2.

The team at Titan Forge thinks there’s room to take the original game further, to maintain that fine balance between fun and competitiveness while improving the depth, lore, and action. To make a game “more beautiful than ever before.” Smite 2 is just that. With a game so strongly tied to its mythological content, Titan Forge feels that players can “feel more like Gods than ever before.”

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In the Smite 2 reveal keynote, Smite executive producer Alex Cantatore says, “In Smite, you’re playing as a God, but it doesn’t necessarily feel like you’re playing as a God. There’s not a lot of impact on your abilities, there’s not a lot of spectacle.” He continues, “There’s a fine line to walk there where we want to make sure it’s still very responsive, still very competitive, but we want to make it feel more like you’re a God performing these godly actions.” In the Smite 2 trailer, we get a glimpse of just what this might look like, with more dramatic attacks, more colorful displays of power, and a closer look at your God’s abilities.

These Gods and Goddesses are what make Smite Smite, so how does this carry over into Smite 2? Are there any Gods left to add to the game? How will existing Gods be different, and what about those you’ve bought in Smite? These are all important questions that Titan Forge has asked themselves during the development of Smite 2.

First off, what of your progress from Smite? Unfortunately, due to the upgrade to UE5, it’s almost impossible for your purchased characters and skins to be carried across to Smite 2. That doesn’t mean that your hard work over the last ten years won’t be rewarded in Smite. In fact, to the contrary, Titan Forge is implementing perhaps the most rewarding cross-gen progress scheme possible.

For every single gem you’ve ever spent in Smite, you are automatically awarded a new Legacy Gem to spend on new characters and skins in Smite 2. With a purchase of the Founder’s Pack, receive double Legacy Gems. Your time, money, and dedication to Smite is going to be fully rewarded in the sequel. What’s more, your progression throughout the last ten years is to be turned into Divine Legacy, giving you more unlockables to show off your Smite progress in Smite 2.

Next, existing characters are to be given new animations with the improved graphics offered by Unreal Engine 5.2, and others will even be given new abilities. Anubis, for example, has an all-new look and animations, while Ymir’s Ice Wall ability has an entirely new effect. New characters are coming too, including Hecate, the “single most community requested God for Smite,” according to design director AJ Walker, who says that the Goddesses’ “flowing robes and other godly effects are only possible in UE5.”

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Titan Forge is simply labelling Smite 2 “Smite, but better”, and from what we’ve seen so far, it certainly looks that way. The upcoming game’s improved graphics, improved animations, and improved abilities are set to make for a more “godly” experience than ever before, and you can be among the first to try it out. Sign up for alpha testing at www.smite2.com. In the meantime, we’ll have even more details about the exciting multiplayer game from the Smite World Championships 2024.

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