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Smite’s newest deity is Ah Puch, the Horrific God of Decay

Smite Ah Puch

Smite’s latest god, Ah Puch, got a bit of a raw deal when it came to domains. He’s the god of decay, and probably the last deity you’d invite to anywhere with food or living creatures. His abilities probably don’t make him very popular at parties, but they sound pretty handy in battle. 

You can see him in action below. 

Ah Puch’s powers all relate to death and decay. He can summon explosive corpses, and even command an army of souls from hell that rush down lanes, damaging any god they come into contact with. That’s his ultimate ability, and it’s rather dramatic.

He’s the highlight of the latest patch, which also includes new skins, voice packs, achievements, items, bug fixes and gameplay changes.

Check out the patch notes here.