Hone your testicle shooting skills in Sniper Elite 3’s free Shooting Range update

Sniper Elite 3 Shooting Range

If you’ve not picked up your sniper rifle and caused a few heads to explode in Sniper Elite 3 in a while, you might want to take it for another spin. Rebellion’s chucked in nine free content updates since launch, adding a new multiplayer mode, new missions and a bunch of multiplayer maps. 

The ninth one arrived today: the Shooting Range. As the name suggests, you’ll find yourself facing a bunch of shooting range challenges across three ranges, with over 30 weapons, including ones from DLC. 

Lamentably we never got around to reviewing Sniper Elite 3, but our Steve did take a look before launch. Here’s what he had to say in his Sniper Elite 3 preview:

“Sniper Elite 3 improves on the game’s infamously gory killcams. Now, when murdering a man, you’ll see all new muscular and circulatory systems, allowing you to shoot a Nazi in his blood or through a meaty glute. Rebellion say it’s all in aid of reminding the player of the horror and reality of the sort of bodily wreckage that a sniper’s bullet causes. Especially to a pair of balls. Fair enough. That’s probably what I’d say too if I’d made an absolutely horrifying testicle-blasting simulator that my mam might see.”

If you’ve got the game, it should update with the new shooting ranges automatically.