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Solasta gets an update with D&D’s 5E sorcerer class

Solasta's faithful take on D&D combat is expanding with the sorcerer class

Solasta's Sorcerer class appears with the draconic bloodline in a character creator

Solasta: Crown of the Magister has given us a faithful take on fifth edition D&D rules – or, more properly, the 5.1 SRD ruleset – for a solid RPG that makes up for its unambitious story with a delightful tactical sandbox. Now, that sandbox is expanding with two major post-launch features promised way back in the game’s original Kickstarter: iron-man mode and the sorcerer class.

Sorcerers work just as they do in D&D – they know fewer spells than wizards, but they can make much more versatile use of those spells. (You can get a bigger breakdown of the the D&D 5E Sorcerer class from our friends at Wargamer.) There are three subclass options here: the draconic bloodline adds bonus defences and elemental resistance, the mana painter can drain sorcery points, and the child of the rift can trade their health for bonus sorcery points.

Iron man mode is exactly the nightmare XCOM players have come to know and love. All difficulty options will now let you toggle iron man, which will lock you into a single save slot. No save-scumming over bad dice rolls, and if your party is killed, your saves get deleted. Think of it as having a DM who plays to win.

This update also introduces new woodland, catacomb, and sewer environments for the dungeon maker, and features a heap of bug fixes you can see over on Steam.

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