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Solium Infernum, the hellish strategy game, gets its own Littlefinger

Solium Infernum, the hellish PC strategy game, reveals a new archfiend in the form of Belial, enough to give Game of Thrones' Littlefinger the creeps.

Solium Infernum, the hellish strategy game, gets its own Littlefinger: A horned and winged demon from hellish strategy game Solium Infernum

Solium Infernum is a strategy game right from Hell. The premise is simple, but fiendish: Satan has disappeared, the infernal throne is vacant, and now, Hell’s cruellest and most determined to rule-est are fighting it out via RTS-style combat and manipulative, diplomatic double dealings. After seeing Solium Infernum live, PCGamesN now has exclusive details on its latest villain, a sly, backstabbing devil by the name of Belial. And you thought Littlefinger from Game of Thrones was bad…

Though you can conquer Hell the warring way in Solium Infernum, and take on the rival archfiends in open battle, from what we’ve seen in our own Solium Infernum preview, it’s perhaps simpler – and shrewder – to play them from the darkness and let them do your bidding without them even realising. Enter Belial, the Prince of Lies, revealed exclusively to PCGamesN.

“A favourite for those who enjoy deception,” according to developer League of Geeks, Belial is a master manipulator with little interest in open conflict. His modus operandi is to spark rivalry between the other archfiends, and work the whole lot of them from the shadows while silently reaping the rewards.

Solium Infernum, the hellish strategy game, gets its own Littlefinger: A demon with horns and wings from Steam strategy game Solium Infernum

“Belial is a collector of souls, and the trophies of those he’s fooled,” League of Geeks explains. “A serpent-tongued and Machiavellian figure, Belial prides himself as being a step ahead of everyone else. Known for his strong opposition to both Heaven and Earth, Belial likes nothing more than to promote lawlessness and confusion, perhaps to better manipulate events. For Belial, power is all.”

Belial was the first archfiend designed by League of Geeks, forming the archetype around which the rest of Solium Infernum’s characters were created. He forms part of the infernal Conclave alongside Murmur, a terrifying, almost spectral hellknight who seemingly has the power to project their voice right into your mind.

League of Geeks shares concept art on Belial’s creation, showing how his head and horns are based on a comparatively very cute little goat. You wouldn’t want to meet Belial at the petting zoo, though. He’d probably talk you into giving him your wallet, then get someone else to kick you in the shin. You can check out some of his initial design concepts below:

Solium Infernum, the hellish strategy game, gets its own Littlefinger: Design concept drawings for a villain from strategy game Solium Infernum

This is what makes Solium Infernum unique – where strategy games often foreground open warfare, with less priority given to diplomacy and bureaucratic dealings, Solium leans into the Dante vision of Hell, where psychology, emotion, and manipulation reign supreme. In fact, it’s possible to turn the tide of an entire game of Solium without even entering combat.

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Based on the cult 2009 strategy game of the same name, the triple-A remake also allows for asynchronous multiplayer – log on, input your moves, then log back out to plan and scheme while your opponents tip their hand. We’re still waiting on the Solium Infernum release date, but from what we’ve seen, both from the frightening archfiends and diplomacy-led strategising, this is definitely one to watch. You can wishlist Solium Infernum now on Steam.

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