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Solo Leveling Arise Igris boss fight guide

Defeating Igris in Solo Leveling Arise is no easy feat, as this tricky boss puts up quite the fight. Here are our tips on how to beat her.

Solo Leveling Arise Igris: A blood red commander stands in a full armored suit against a blue background

How do you defeat Igris in Solo Leveling: Arise? For the first six or so chapters of Solo Leveling: Arise, you’re going to feel pretty OP. There are very few characters that can stand in the way of Sung Jinwoo and the colorful cast of supporting characters that make up the many missions and side chapters throughout the first half of the game.

As soon as you reach Kang Taeshik, the true difficulty of Solo Leveling Arise begins. Bosses are more powerful, featuring more move variations and stun attacks, and time seems to creep by a lot faster. Chapter eight is where the real fun begins, as you’re faced with arguably the hardest boss in the game, Igris. You might want to check our list of Solo Leveling Arise codes to see if there are any freebies that might help take him down.

 Solo Leveling Arise Igris weapon recommendations

Protector of the Throne Igris boss fight best build

After you progress through five battle missions, you’ll arrive at the chapter eight boss, Igris. The recommended Total Power for this fight is 50,500, with the level minimum set to 34 – though going as high as 50 is our recommendation if you want to stand a chance.

For attributes, the best approach is to spend your points between strength, agility, and perception. Since the fight has such a heavy emphasis on dodging, breaking, and damage, investing in HP-based attributes isn’t as important as being able to do damage and avoid attacks.

For Sung Jinwoo’s secondary skill, make sure you have a break effect, like Death’s Dance. Your artifact can be either crit or agility-based, depending on which on you need to boost to make all of your stats even. For support characters, choose two tanks and a healer, leveling them up as much as possible.

Personally, we went with a support squad of Kim Sangshik, Kim Chul, and Lee Joohee. If you only have general SR weapons, we recommend leveling up Lustrous Dragon Sword and Radiru Family’s Longbow. If you’re lucky enough to draw some SSR weapons, Demonic Plum Flower Sword is another great one to equip.

Solo Leveling Arise Igris break

How to Defeat Igris in Solo Leveling Arise

Now that you’re rightfully prepared for the fight, it’s time to talk strategy. In total, you have 2 minutes and 55 seconds to defeat Blood Red Commander Igris.

As soon as the fight starts, Igris will leap towards you. Dodge immediately and shadow step, then use your skill to break his guard. Continue to use your support skills to build your ultimate while also dodging incoming attacks.

The majority of this fight is about being able to dodge Igris’ attacks perfectly. Not only will this prevent you from taking the huge damage he deals out, but it will activate extreme evasion, slowing down time for you to get in more solid hits in quick succession.

If you get the timing down well enough, you should be able to break him at around fifty percent health and then use your ultimate. If you’re a high enough level, you can get hit a couple of times and still be ok, but clearing the full fight, which requires you to win with more than 50 percent health, means that getting hit more than once requires a restart of the entire fight.

Don’t get frustrated if it takes you some time to learn Igris’ timing and movements, as it is important to do so in the long run in order to save time via dodging his attacks. Eventually, you should be able to wear him down enough, with about 30 seconds to spare, in order to win the fight.

That is everything you need to know about how to beat Igris the Red. For more general tips and tricks for Solo Leveling Arise, you can check out the rest of PCGamesN including our guide on how to dodge in Solo Leveling Arise, and our Solo Leveling Arise tier list for the best characters at launch.