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Solo Leveling Arise tier list - best characters for launch

Once you understand how the pity system and power creep works, following the Solo Leveling Arise tier list can save you from mistakes.

Four Solo Leveling Arise characters looking at the viewer.

How is the Solo Leveling Arise tier list stacking up for launch? When it comes time to spend hard-earned tickets on the new characters, it makes sense to know which are the best units available at the time. If the current rotation doesn’t feature the strongest units around, you’re better off pooling your resources into the next banner.

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Solo Leveling Arise tier list

Here’s a look at the Solo Leveling Arise tier list as of launch:

Tier Character
S Emma Laurent, Lee Bora, Choi Jong-In, Min Byung-Gu, Seo Jiwoo, Baek Yoonho, Cha Hae-In
A Hwang Dongsoo, Woo Jinchul, Lim Tae-Gyu
B Nam Chae-Young, Yoo Jinho, Park Heejin, Kang Taeshik, Kim Chul, Jo Kyuhwan, Hwang Dongsuk, Han Song-Yi
C Kim Sangshil, Anna Ruiz, Park Beom-Shik, Song Chiyul, Lee Joohee

So far, the tier list is pretty close to what we originally imagined it would like look at launch. The main changes are that Min Byung-Gu, Baek Yoonho, and Seo Jiwoo ended up exceeding expectations in terms of their rankings, moving from A to S.

Min Byung-Gu stands out as the best support character in Solo Leveling Arise, and Choi Jong-In takes the title of best DPS, primarily thanks to his powerful skill resets. Lastly, Baek Yoonho also makes the jump as his guard-break makes him the perfect tool for fighting against bosses like Igris the Red.


A Solo Leveling character with a shadow-like effect trailing behind them.

How does the Solo Leveling Arise pity system work?

When aiming for characters high on the Solo Leveling Arise tier list, it can make sense to use a set amount of tickets on one banner and wait for another. If you know a top-tier character is coming on the future banner, you can effectively save your “pity” for it.

Solo Leveling Arise pulls persist across banners. If you haven’t pulled an SSR when a banner is replaced with another, your rate-up progress will carry over. Your chance of getting an SSR increases with every pull after the 64th, at which point you’re guaranteed to get an SSR character in the banner on the 80th pull.

That means you can somewhat safely pull 64 times in the same banner and then carry that progress over to the next banner to pull its featured character with fewer attempts. The 80th pull has no higher chance of being the featured SSR character, however, so it’s not a fool-proof way to get the newest unit.

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