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How to dodge in Solo Leveling Arise

Dodging in Solo Leveling Arise might seem like an easy task, but there’s quite a bit to learn in order to execute it successfully.

How to dodge in Solo Leveling Arise: a character spews purple flames

How do you dodge and extreme evade in Solo Leveling Arise? Netmarble Neo’s first video game installment in one of the hottest new animes on the block is all about the action, letting players control not only the main character, Sung Jinwoo, but also a handful of his Solo Leveling supporting cast. In order to survive the treacherous dungeons home to this demon-filled world, you’ll need to have your head on a swivel.

One of the most important actions to master early on is dodging, which is also known as extreme evasion in Solo Leveling Arise. While dodging might sound like a simple enough move to execute, there’s actually a bit more nuance and timing to it in the RPG game than you might think.

How to dodge in Solo Leveling Arise: a character is surrounded by three wolf enemies

How to dodge and extreme evade in Solo Leveling Arise

Dodging in Solo Leveling Arise can be accomplished simply by pressing the spacebar button – or X on a PlayStation controller and A on an Xbox controller.

Merely pressing the dodge button isn’t the important part. The first thing to know is that your character only has a certain amount of dodges they can do before a cooldown is required. This can be seen as indicated by the number of lines left in the circle above the sprinting icon in the bottom-left of your screen. If you dodge or dash too many times in a row, you won’t be able to use this until the cooldown number disappears.

You can also use dodging as a means of getting yourself out of tricky situations when stunned on the ground. If you end up getting knocked down by an attack, press spacebar. This helps you recover quicker than you normally would, but also requires a cooldown to use, so you can’t just spam it over and over again.

Timing is also very important when dodging, especially when you’re trying to complete an extreme evasion. When you move out of the way of an enemy attack at the very last moment, you’ll perform an extreme evasion. On top of dodging the attack, your character is briefly impervious and time slows down. Extreme evasions are important when you go up against bosses, especially ones like Kang Taeshik, who like to spam stun moves that will drastically affect the amount of time you have to beat them.

How to dodge in Solo Leveling Arise: the character extreme evades a hit from a boss

The hardest part about successfully hitting an extreme evasion is that each enemy has different attack patterns and timing. For a lot of weaker enemies, you’ll be able to see exactly when their attack is about to hit you. Some of the stronger enemies have a variety of moves where they feint or delay their blow ever so slightly, so it will take some time to figure out the exact timing for each move.

For example, dodging the Blue Spirit Golem’s stomp attack is much easier than it’s delayed stalagmite attack. The former is slow and telegraphed, even featuring a warning area that grows more red the closer the attack is to landing. The latter features a first punch to the ground, which is followed up a few seconds later by another area of affect attack that boasts dozens of rock formations jutting up from the ground. Once you do get the timing down, you’ll be an SSR rank hunter in no time.

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