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Solo Leveling Arise reroll guide

Follow along with this simple Solo Leveling Arise reroll process to keep from spending too on a character you really need or simply want

Choi Jong-In from Solo Leveling Arise.

Looking to walk the steps of making a Solo Leveling Arise reroll? It’s a worthwhile task if you’re looking for long-term success in the game with a short-term inconvenience. By restarting early on, you’ll be able to use the generous free resources designed to get you hooked to circumvent the need to spend, getting top-tier Hunters without opening up your wallet.

To make the most of the Solo Leveling Arise reroll opportunity, you’ll want to check out these Solo Leveling Arise codes. They can help reduce the time spent rerolling for the best characters available early on. And without the Solo Leveling Arise tier list, you won’t even know when to stop rerolling: unless you’re just aiming for a character based on personal preference rather than strength.

How to reroll in Solo Leveling Arise

With the account deletion method taking a whole month to complete, and there being no option to log in as a guest, rerolling in Solo Leveling Arise means making multiple accounts with numerous unique email addresses. Deleting the game and its data won’t remove your account.

To reroll in Solo Leveling Arise, you need to reach the tail end of Chapter 2. Once you’ve been briefed on how to control the characters you pull through the game’s gacha systems, you’ll gain full control of the various menus and activities.

From that point on, you can claim various free rewards via the daily check-in system, the in-game shop, the Missions system, and more.

All of these should give you six summon tickets and around 1,600 Essence Stones. Go onto the Selection Draw banner from the Draw menu and tap the Draw Tickets icon in the top-right to exchange your Essense Stones for more tickets.

Go back and use the Rate Up List in the bottom-left corner to choose the four characters or items you want the most. This increases the odds of obtaining them with each pull.

Pull with the tickets you’re able to buy and, if you don’t get enough of what you’re after, it’s time to reroll in Solo Leveling Arise. Simply use the menu to log out of your account, then sign into another using a unique email address.

You can perform these steps for as long as long as you can make new email accounts.

Three statues from Solo Leveling Arise.

Who to aim for with a Solo Leveling Arise reroll

Because the tutorial is quite lengthy, Solo Leveling Arise reroll attempts are best kept down to 20-minute bursts. That means you can’t expect to get numerous top-tier weapons and characters with the limited number of pulls you can gather up in that time.

So, when it comes to deciding when to settle on your latest reroll attempt, you’ll want to seek out a character you really like, one that sits high on the tier list or, at a push, a character and weapon combo you expect to perform well over time.

Finding a top-tier weapon for a common character you enjoy is another goal to aim for.

Simply put: don’t expect the world, and don’t get greedy. Decide what you want and stick to you. You never know how long it might take to gain a great character you rerolled just for the slim chance of getting a second unit or matching weapon.

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